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Adam Rose
Travel & Landscape Photography


Amata Jewelry
Contemporary Jewelry with Semi-Precious Stones


Amanda Lockrow
Handmade Silver Jewelry


Carla de la Cruz
Handmade Jewelry Inspired by Life


Claudia Grau
Fun Clothes for Fearless People


Curmudgeon Cards
Works of Art on Paper


Delancey Street Foundation
Handcrafted items made by residents of Delancey Street


Geo Bender
Geometric Art & Design


Hannie Goldgewicht
Ceramic and Pine Needle Basketry


Joan Sharron
Watercolors of Animals & Scenes


Joanna Craft
Mixed Metal and Enamel Artisan Jewelry


Julie Arnoff
Human and Pet Portraits


Keri Frankenstein
Landscape & Wildlife Photography


Leo Gotlibowski
Contemporary Sterling Silver and Resin Jewelry


Lupa Jewelry
Unique, Contemporary Fine Jewelry


Lys Wilcox
Modern Still Life Botanicals and Fantasy Floral


Marshall Vanderhoof


Mazamar Pottery
Handmade Functional and Unique Art Pottery


Mei Elizabeth
Contemporary Jewelry Designed for the Greater Good


Mona Ray
Contemporary Abstractions of Natural Forms


Monika Kwiet
Woolly Creations


Myles Freedman
Blown Glass


Outi Harma
Spiritual & Whimsical Art


Paul Brayton
Contemporary Blown Glass


Pavanne Jewelry
Elegant Untamed Jewelry


Rebecca Marie
Textural Figures and Landscapes


Sandra Zebi
Cultural Paintings and Ceramics


Sarah Stone
Symbols, Animals, Charms & Figures brought to life on Canvas


Sharon Kaplan
Handcrafted Gemstone & Enamel Jewelry


Silvia Gallini
Expressionistic Animal and Human Figures


Steven Lopez
Fantastic Wildlife with Human Interpretation


The Key Historic
Rings & Jewelry crafted from Antique Keys & Hardware


The Whole 9 Gallery
Beautiful Things Created with Love

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