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Cyber Stress

Many peoples live with the stress of nowadays technological tools, some experts said that increase the social needs and work relationships..
  1. Cyber Stress Gallery

    [add caption]Cyber Stress
  2. Cyber Stress Gallery

    [add caption] Luz Interna

Stay Away of my Teeth

Take care, behind the beautiful eyes maybe a beautiful teeth..


Some of us wearing masks, some others not, you can see while I am wearing a mask
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Personal Info
"Art is like love, never end.."
I am a: Man
Relationship Status: Married
Interested In: Women
Seeking: Friends, Dating
Age: 60
Education: Master's Degree
City: Cairo
Country: Egypt
Profession: Artist and curator
My Causes:
I believe in
As long as people can change, the world can change
How I would make this world a better place
Fight Hunger and Illiteracy
Who and what I'm looking for
Love and Peace
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Professional Info
My Business Name: Moustafa Al Hatter
City: Cairo, Egypt
My Profession: Art
About my work:
For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by arts and crafts, at least more than the average kid. I remember that I loved being outside watching birds, trees, horses, butterflies, spiders, etc., and all those lovely creatures and objects were in my first drawings. Other times, I just needed a piece of wood to carve with simple tools. I was initially self-taught, studying in the various galleries and museums, where I admire the works of John Constable and Eugene Delacroix. At the age of seventeen, I took some painting lessons at the local art academy for one year before attending the university. Since then I tried many mediums by myself – painting with acrylics and aquarelles, pencil drawing, ink drawing, engraving, and lettering.

In 1983, I joined the diplomatic service and started to live and work in several foreign countries, including Switzerland, the United States, Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Venezuela, Panama, and Korea. In these countries, I picked up different art techniques, including sculpting, carving in wood and other materials, installations, silkscreen, etc.

I also traveled to many parts of the world, enjoying swimming in the Amazon, exploring the Inca civilization in Peru and the Aztec pyramid in central Mexico, diving in Hawaii, traveling to the great savanna and climbing the “Avila” in Venezuela, dancing samba in the Rio de Janeiro carnival, hunting in Kenya, crossing the Panama Canal, climbing the great Pyramid of Giza; I even stayed one night in a king’s chamber, visiting king Tutankhamun’s tomb and the Abu simple temple in Egypt.

I used my camera to capture the beauty of all these wonderful places; my art works therefore have diverse themes and styles.

My work has been in eight solo exhibitions, as well as 15 group exhibitions, and my art had been a subject of many reviews and newspapers articles as well as local and international televisions shows in Egypt, Venezuela, Panama, Sudan, Kenya, and Uganda. While being active as an artist, curator, art critic, and juror, I received several honors and awards as well as memberships in several art associations around the world.

Artist’s Statement

I always have been interested in signs of mysteries in our life and studying evidences of their penetrations into the real world. Also, I have been trying to detect mysterious penetrations in some individuals. My imagery communicates a personal interpretation of archetypal imagery and personal vision. It flows from the heart, often almost creating itself as I move into and through the painting and sharing the experience of self-empowerment. In many paintings, hidden dimensions are not readily apparent unless the viewer has had a similar experience. I also love that beauty exists in nature, and in this sprit sometimes give voice to a vision by painting it.

The first big change in my art took place in Venezuela. In the Caribbean, I found myself immersed in the tropical light which suggested an approximation and rediscovering of colors. I began to capture those magical and mysterious moments of life – from the obvious that can be seen because of lights to the visionary that is perceived by my heart and soul. The selection of an abstract art of some lyricism and the use of a luminous intensity revolutionize my art and free my hands from representative materials, toward new horizons of abstractions.

My work continues to evolve; in 2000, I began experimenting with three-dimensional works in woods, different materials, and acrylic colors on a wooden panel, with the rhythmic, geometrical patterns and earthy tones of ancient civilizations art, finding an echo amidst the antique colors and forms that characterize my art. The vibrant color combinations I often used in antique paintings reflect back to a fascination with art by ancient civilizations.

I categorize these paintings as “Abstract Sculpture Painting” and the first installation of this series comprises seven paintings of different dimensions, colors, shapes, and ideas; these paintings interact with each other in harmony, and I added seven painted wooden cubes in different sizes and shapes, lying on the ground under the paintings, with many lighted candles above them. The installation is accompanied with special music composed specially for it. I called the installation “Millenarian Dimensions” as it was born at the beginning of the new millennium and was inspired by ancient Egyptian civilizations. All pieces of this installation live together in one big family; it carries us swiftly to worlds of the past, present, and maybe future. The idea of creating this installation is to show my span of life, from the early years of uncertainty and worries to the years of fulfilling some of my hopes and dreams after passing through the complications and difficulties of life’s tunnels.

To create this installation, I abandon the easel for a large table, on which I can place larger panels and meet the need for more room and full control. I like to increase both the size of the surface to be painted, as well as the area in which I display the activity.

On the other hand, in this installation I have placed my art into compartments, while maintaining a sense of unity. The small painted panels project a microcosm, each of which emerges from a wide rectangular background, suggesting the macrocosm. Moreover, the small panels reveal a subtle intention to represent the finite world in which we live, and to project it as the result of the infinite creation. Painted compartments differ in shape, movement, and palette, sometimes suggesting the continuity of the cosmos. Nevertheless, I seek the impressions of the infinite world.

To describe the spiritual significance of my installations, I advocate that the highest meaning of my work of art is always Unity; it reveals and leads to the principal Unity and reflects the mystery of the manifestation of the One in the many, and the multiplicity in that Unity.

For the third time in fifteen years, my works of art evolve again, this time toward digital art. For the past four years I have picked up some new tools. I use computer graphics software, digital photography technology, and computer-assisted painting to create new art, and I must say that it has become my new passion. For me, the ultimate challenge now is to create unique artwork out of digital art techniques. It’s some kind of magic how every piece of work contains its own possible paintings inside. I just have to find out and remove the rest, which I don’t need. Click Here Click Here Click Here


Moustafa AlHatter

Artist and curator  |   Cairo Egypt




Graphic Artist, Painter, Photographer, DJ/Produce


Culver City


Saint Charles
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alhatter birthday today!,
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alhatter birthday today!,
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alhatter birthday today!,
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alhatter birthday today!,
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alhatter birthday today!,
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alhatter birthday today!,
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alhatter birthday today!,
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