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Open Call: Curatorial Proposal

Galley Aferro
73 Market Street
Newark NJ United States

June 20   -   $10

Open Call: Curatorial Proposal. Deadline: 6/20/2017 @ 11:59 PM
Main Gallery, Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ, USA

Gallery Aferro offers a range of exhibition spaces and opportunities for curators and artists. Aferro’s primary exhibition space is our main gallery on the first floor at 73 Market Street. The main gallery is a very large display area on the first floor that lends itself to large group shows, comprehensive solo-exhibitions/retrospectives, etc and requires a high level of detail and quality. The gallery is approximately 1805 square feet with an 11 foot high ceiling. Please understand that proposals for the main gallery should be large in scale and will require a great deal of scheduling and planning. Proposals submitted to this open call will be for an exhibition in Spring 2018.
We are especially interested in projects that engage in idea sharing and community building. Proposals should be as engaging, exciting, and diverse as the community to which Gallery Aferro belongs to and cultivates. Gallery Aferro is dedicated to diversity in all it’s forms and believes that representation matters. Only those proposals including artists from different backgrounds, differing abilities, and across the whole spectrum of humanity will be considered. Proposals should appeal to a broad audience while also being innovative and exciting.
Proposals may be for exhibitions that have been mounted previously but keep in mind that content seen recently in the Newark, NJ area does not offer our audience new experiences. The curator is expected to be in the area of the gallery as to be as hands-on as possible though they are not required to live or be based out of the greater NJ/NYC area. The curator is to make arrangements with the artists prior to the installation week in regards to receiving artwork. Gallery Aferro will not transport any work to or from the gallery without previous notification and proper planning well ahead of time. Please inform artists of this with invitation to exhibit and do not offer transportation without planning with Gallery Aferro staff extensively. The curator and artists involved in the exhibition are to be responsible and present for the full length of installation and deinstallation of the exhibition.
Submit via email to:
Subject Line: “Last Name, First Name �" Curatorial”
(Example: Smith, Jane �" Curatorial)
Only send submissions as attachments (i.e. .doc, .pdf, google drive files, .jpgs, .png, etc. Do not send us oversized files like .tiff, .psd, or word docs from Pages)
Every submissions/proposal must include:

1) CV/Resume

2) Curatorial and/or Artist Statement specific to the project you wish to display with us

3) Work Samples: up to 10 examples of work to be shown with us (approx.1 mb images, clearly labeled youtube links, etc. Also include full information pertaining to each work sample including Artist’s name, work title, media, dimensions, edition, price, and/or any other relevant information)

4) $10 USD fee per proposal, paypal link available at You must also include in the proposal confirmation that you have paid this fee. A screen-grab of the paypal receipt is fine.
**If you truly cannot afford this fee please contact Evonne Davis for a waiver at We do not believe in artist gouging and ask for this small fee only as part of our overall, diversified activities to support our non-profit programs.
Applicants are encouraged to stop by during gallery hours, Wednesday �" Saturday 12 �" 6pm, to look at the space. Feel free to email us with questions or other information you may need at
Due to the quick turn-around time Gallery Aferro will not accept late applications whatsoever.

galleryaferro | 9:11am, Mar 22
newark NJ United States
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