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Open Call: Case Studies

Galley Aferro
73 Market Street
Newark NJ United States

June 20   -   $10

Open Call: Case Studies
Call for Artworks for Exhibition
Deadline: 6/20/2017 @ 11:59pm EST
Gallery Aferro
73 Market Street, Newark, NJ, USA

In January 2017, Gallery Aferro, in cooperation with several cultural and historical institutions including George Washington’s Mt. Vernon Estate Museum, received donations of various sized museum quality cabinets, vitrines, platforms, and pedestals, and are now offering them to be activated in an exhibition to be held during Newark Open Doors 2017. The exhibition, “Case Studies”, is open to work activating the cases directly, and/or referencing cases, containers, cabinetry, and displays. Although Gallery Aferro is continuing to work to acquire more cases, currently the displays vary in size from 71 x 24 x 24, to 85 by 82 by 30 and have a diverse range of display features. Artists are encouraged to look beyond or within the history and pre-existing features to activate the cases. No case is to be destroyed or damaged in any way. Artists can outfit cases for any type of display, including new media and digital art, as well as written word. Gallery Aferro will select cabinets for artists per proposals. Works do not need to be designed to be within the cases specifically but priority will be given to utilizing the cases to their full potential. This call is also open to artists who propose to bring or build their own cabinets, platforms, cases, etc.

The cabinets were originally part of a traveling exhibition. Some themes to consider may include but are certainly not restricted to; mobility, archiving, exposure, cultural access, museums, history, Americana, transportation, carrying, withholding, Colonialism, mining the museum, “high” culture, containment, consumption, salvage and recycling, object reparation, looking, preserving, platform, power, the exotic, the uses of the past, etc.

Submit via email to:
Subject Line: “Last Name, First Name " Case Study”
(Example: Smith, Jane " Case Study)
Only send submissions as attachments (i.e. .doc, .pdf, google drive files, .jpgs, .png, etc. Do not send us oversized files like .tiff, .psd, or word docs from Pages)
Every submissions/proposal must include:

1) CV/Resume

2) Artist Statement

3) Description of works to be created/displayed in case, both technical and conceptual details required.

4) Work Samples: up to 10 examples of work to be shown with us (approx. 1 mb images, clearly labeled youtube links, etc. Also include full information pertaining to each work sample including title, media, dimensions, edition, price, and/or any other relevant information)

5) $10 USD fee per proposal, paypal link available on You must also include in the proposal confirmation that you have paid this fee. A screen-grab of the paypal receipt is sufficient.

**If you truly cannot afford this fee please contact Evonne Davis for a waiver at We do not believe in artist gouging and ask for this small fee only as part of our overall, diversified activities to support our non-profit programs.
Applicants are encouraged to stop by during gallery hours, Wednesday " Saturday 12 " 6pm, to look at the space. Feel free to email us with questions or other information you may need at
Due to the quick turn-around time Gallery Aferro will not accept late applications whatsoever.

galleryaferro | 9:17am, Mar 22
newark NJ United States
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