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Open Call: Elevator Music

Galley Aferro
73 Market Street
Newark NJ United States

June 20   -   $10

Open Call: Elevator Music 4 Aferro Publication No. 27; Deadline: 6/20/2017 @ 11:59pm EST; Gallery Aferro 73 Market Street, Newark, NJ, USA;

Permanent Vintage Elevator Installation on Gallery Aferro 2nd Floor
Musicians, performers, and artists working with sound are invited to submit curatorial proposals for a “sound art mixtape“ of sorts to be played on loop in a lovingly refurbished, decommissioned vintage elevator, a permanent installation in Gallery Aferro. Submissions may take the form of original musical songs, spoken word or other forms of poetry, field recordings, experimental music, sound art, oral histories, or none of the above. If you have proper rights to the recording and it can be played on a media player or iPod, then it can be submitted. The selected proposal will be made into a CD, published by Gallery Aferro as Aferro Publication No. 27. Elevator Music 4 will be played on rotation during gallery hours from September 23rd, 2017 to mid-September, 2018.

Some history of the project, to date: Gallery Aferro has been operating out of a circa 1880’s former furniture store in downtown Newark since 2006. Elevator Music I, Aferro Publication No. 17, juried by artist Adam Trowbridge, was intended for permanent loop in our freight elevator. Later, as part of some routine building maintenance, Aferro staff discovered a 2nd elevator in the building, a very early (single digit) Otis passenger elevator. The elevator was extricated from behind the false wall where it had been entombed and has been refurbished and reinstalled as a permanent installation. There have been 2 curated mixtapes for the elevator that include a series of tracks related to the idea of “elevator music” curated by Spencer Frohwirth and a series of tracks curated by Dahlia Elsayed entitled Studio/Sounds which are a diary of the sounds of artists studios from around the world.
Some possible thematic points of departure (or arrival), but by no means required: Passenger and Freight, The Elevator Paradox, Monotony, Functionality, Accidents. Ascension and Descent. Rising or falling, and of course, Gravity. The idea of the prelude, an interval, a non-moment not worthy of record or remembrance. The elevator may provide a brief space to prepare privately for a more public moment. Silence, except for noise related to weather or machinery. Temperature fluctuations in the shaft, a space connected to the outdoors and the interior of the building. The Intuitionist. Speculative Fiction. Buried or forgotten objects or histories. Nostalgia.

: Submit via email to:
Subject Line: “Last Name, First Name �" Elevator Music”
(Example: Smith, Jane �" Elevator Music)
Only send submissions as attachments (i.e. .doc, .pdf, google drive files, .jpgs, .png, etc. Do not send us oversized files like .tiff, .psd, or word docs from Pages)
Every submissions/proposal must include:

1) CV/Resume

2) Artist Statemen
3) Work Samples: up to 15 examples of work to be included (.mp3s or clearly labeled youtube links)
4) Written permissions to use work samples that will be included in final publication

5) $10 USD fee per proposal, paypal link at You must also include in the proposal confirmation that you have paid this fee. A screen-grab of the paypal receipt is sufficient.
**If you truly cannot afford this fee please contact Evonne Davis for a waiver at We do not believe in artist gouging and ask for this small fee only as part of our overall, diversified activities to support our non-profit programs.

Applicants are encouraged to stop by during gallery hours, Wednesday �" Saturday 12 �" 6pm, to look at the space. Feel free to email us with questions or other information you may need at
Due to the quick turn-around time Gallery Aferro will not accept late applications whatsoever.

galleryaferro | 9:22am, Mar 22
newark NJ United States
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