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Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars

Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars are a group of musicians who escaped the horrific violence of civil war, landed in a refugee camp and formed a band to keep their hopes alive. Their world beats exemplify the universal healing power of music.

Sounds of Peace

A World Music Taste Maker, Drez seamlessly blends exotic sounds from distant lands with well known lyrics and arrives at something surprising and delightful.

Fresh Metal

Oedipus brings a fresh look and infuses their music with melodic vocals and an artistic twist that makes their sound rise high above the dull roar of mainstream modern rock.

Dwight Trible

Dwight Trible is a singer who combines the best of vocal virtuosity with musicianship & improvisation to quite literally stun listeners of jazz. He uses his music to bring people together, to bridge the gap between the races & heal the human heart.


Musician, Poet, Motivational Speaker, and Spoken Word Artist Extraordinaire - Sekou's words will open your eyes, expand your consciousness and leave you thinking a little differently. Click here and listen as Sekou speaks.


Music that rolls along like a smooth-riding Cadillac, Rosendo is all about California Country. Get your feet tapping and the home fires burning by clicking here.


Partners on and off-stage, Nailah and husband Paul Legaspi produce music that has been quoted as "love, pain, and emotional surrender that binds us all." Click here to explore the "ConJazzNess" of Nailah.

Dread Daze

Pulling reggae apart and putting it back together again with a liberal dose of hip-hop, Dread Daze tunes up the positive vibrations. Click here to tune in.

Zachariah & the Lobos Riders

A rollicking blend of country hip-hop, Zachariah and the Lobos Riders are outlaw country rockers. Grab a beer and tune in by clicking here.

The Jane Does

Slow and soulful or smoking hot, The Jane Doe's rock some red-eyed soul. Click here to listen now.

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