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Updated 3:48pm, Oct 12
frankielee just submitted this entry to The Peace Project's International Call-for-Artists. Check it out and do your art for Peace.

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    Frankie Lee presenting at the Visionary Summit in Paonia, Colorado September 2017
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    Frankie Lee with friends in Cape Town on the CIRCLES UNITING South Africa/Euro Tour in 2004
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    The Photographer in Action!
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    Frankie Lee communing with the ocean for her OCEANEA Messsage from the Great Mother fine art photography
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    Frankie Lee and her godson Jethro atop Table Mountain in Cape Town
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Personal Info
"I Am Producing A Party For The World - Care To Join Me?"
I am a: Woman
Relationship Status: Single
Seeking: Networking
Age: 65
City: Venice, CA
Country: United States
Profession: artist of life, photojournalist, host/producer/dir
I believe in
That we are "artists of life", here to co-create with Creation itself and this time is about who we are and what we create with one another. In this, everything we see to be and do is possible.
How I would make this world a better place
Seed art of living principles around the world so that people everywhere may be in touch with their essential gifts, have a place to bring them together, and know themselves as artists of their very lives! Offer CIRCLES UNITING to the world as a global movement for peaceful co-existence and co-creativity of a higher order.
Who and what I'm looking for
Collaborator/Partners who bring the complementary gifts to my own, Anam Cara (soul family). Representatives/Agent/Managers for me Frankie Lee, my fine art photography, speaking and consulting, and BIG media!
Number of Views: 4,893
Professional Info
My Business Name: Frankie Lee Slater Photography
Earth - everywhere, with everyone!
Phone: 310-266-2202
City: Venice, CA, 90291, United States
My Profession: Photography
About my work:
Hi, my name is Frankie Lee (which means "free meadow" or "free poet" in Old English and Gaelic) and my photography tells the story of who we are together - one people, one family of the Earth. Starting in 1985 I have lived in over 300 homes on four countries, with quite a few more on the way. CIRCLES UNITING is a global connectivity project designed to encourage and support people everywhere to bring their dreams alive by creating their own circle projects and linking them together into one continuous Circle of Creation. Presently the best way to stay current and explore how you might like to become involved yourself is via my blog Waw! Waw! and The Art of LIVING website: We are also in the process of creating a website for CIRCLES case you would like to contribute to that aspect of the co-creation! See Frankie Lee on video at:
Past Clients and Projects include:
Annual International Women's Day events. HBO, Ruder & Finn, Giorgio Moroder, David Puttnam, The Who Films, Samuel Goldwyn Films, MacGillivray Freeman IMAX films, JazzAmerica for PBS.
My Blog Waw! Waw! - meaning "Yes" in Woloff, the Native language of Senegal and pronounced WOW!: Click Here
What we're up to with CIRCLES UNITING: Click Here
Video clips from my interview with His Holiness the Dalai Lama for his Artist of LIFE Portrait - Touching One Another's Lives: Click Here


Frankie Lee Slater

artist of life, photojournalist, host/producer/dir  |   Venice, CA United States


Human Being In Progress...............
Harbor City

LALALAND Los Angeles

Artist, Writer, Author, Chef Whisperer
In the beautiful neighborhood

Graphic Artist/Musician
Los Angeles
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frankielee birthday today!,
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frankielee birthday today!,
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frankielee birthday today!,
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frankielee birthday today!,
3:30am, May 10
frankielee birthday today!,
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frankielee birthday today!,
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frankielee birthday today!,
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