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Updated 9:18am, Jun 17
jenibate has actually got to do some creating in the last 24 hrs (other than creating applications!)

A few photos...

I rarely have photos taken...I guess I was never meant to be a model!
  1. A few photos... Gallery

    Sky painter!
  2. A few photos... Gallery

    adding the finishing touches to Summer Storm
  3. A few photos... Gallery

    The real me.... no hat.
  4. A few photos... Gallery

    The Hat! ...with Christina Lange at La Quinta


These are collages of watercolors. I paint each sky multiple times then collage it together.
  1. Collage Gallery

    Lovers in the Mist. Watercolor Collage.
  2. Collage Gallery

    The end of a windy day. Watercolor Collage.
  3. Collage Gallery

    Mountains, Forest, Prairie. Watercolor Collage.
  4. Collage Gallery

    Four Poplars. Watercolor Collage.
  5. Collage Gallery

    Flying over the orchid ocean. Watercolor Collage.
  6. Collage Gallery

    Up, Down, Up. Watercolor Collage.
  7. Collage Gallery

    Stolen Moon. Watercolor Collage.
  8. Collage Gallery

    Reverse Sun. Watercolor Collage.

Mixed Media

Abstract skies in refractured watercolor, acrylic and sometimes poetry.
  1. Mixed Media Gallery

    Hope Rising 40x30 Mixed Media
  2. Mixed Media Gallery

    Vermillion Delight, 40x30 each panel, Mixed Media
  3. Mixed Media Gallery

    Ocean's Draw, 36x36 Mixed Media
  4. Mixed Media Gallery

    Ocean's View, 36x48 Mixed Media
  5. Mixed Media Gallery

    Equinox Full Moon, 36x48, Mixed Media
  6. Mixed Media Gallery

    Desert Under Storm, 36x48, Mixed Media
  7. Mixed Media Gallery

    Sea Dragon, 36x60, Mixed Media
  8. Mixed Media Gallery

    The Setting Sun, 24x36, Mixed Media
  9. Mixed Media Gallery

    One with the Sky, 36x24, Mixed Media
  10. Mixed Media Gallery

    Gold Star, 17 Diameter, Mixed Media
  11. Mixed Media Gallery

    Morning Thermals, 17 Diameter, Mixed Media
  12. Mixed Media Gallery

    Love Rain II, 17 Diameter, Mixed Media
  13. Mixed Media Gallery

    Nebula I, 11x14, Mixed Media
  14. Mixed Media Gallery

    Love Drift, 16x20 Mixed Media
  15. Mixed Media Gallery

    City Dawn, 12x12, Mixed Media
  16. Mixed Media Gallery

    Meandering, 12x12, Mixed Media
  17. Mixed Media Gallery

    Amoeba, 12x12, Mixed Media
  18. Mixed Media Gallery

    Night Watch, 14x24, Mixed Media
  19. Mixed Media Gallery

    4th, 15x15 Mixed media


Murals I have created - not necessarily all skies.
  1. Murals Gallery

    Ocotillo 7. Garage mural for the benefit of the new Harley.
  2. Murals Gallery

    Sonia's Garden 5'x7'
  3. Murals Gallery

    Ruben and Maria's Apples. 4'x4' approx, dining room mural
  4. Murals Gallery

    West Shores History. 4'x24'. West Shores Chamber of Commerce, Salton City
  5. Murals Gallery

    Marilyn's Morning. 5'x3'x2' approx. Indio, CA. (It's on Monroe Ave!)
  6. Murals Gallery

    Vista Nuevo. 4'6x10. Residential mural.
  7. Murals Gallery

    Santa Rosa Moonset. To fit behind the existing sculpture in the alcove. 5'x3'
  8. Murals Gallery

    Romina's Room. 8x18' and 6x6' approx.

Refractured Watercolors

Paintings in my signature refractured watercolor technique.
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Personal Info
"Sky Painter"
I am a: Woman
Seeking: Networking
City: Salton City, CA
Country: United States
Profession: Artist
My Causes:
I believe in
Whatever we do, the sun will come up tomorrow.
How I would make this world a better place
Encourage people to respect each other, and take responsibility for their actions.
Who and what I'm looking for
Opportunities to display and sell my work; collaboration with other artists.
Number of Views: 2,100
Professional Info
My Business Name: Skyscapes for the Soul
P.O. Box 5239
Salton City, CA 92275
Phone: 310 720 1552
City: Salton City, CA, 92275, United States
My Profession: Art
About my work:
"I paint the skies with peace and passion, because that's the way they paint me." I paint skyscapes in a variety of different media. Currently working primarily in a mixed media of my signature refractured watercolor technique, combined with acrylic and poetry, which gives a style that no one else is currently creating. I also work in oil. I do commissions including some murals.
Past Clients and Projects include:
I do a lot of weekend art fairs, and am always on the look out for gallery representation in other areas, and to work with designers and direct clients.
My Website: Click Here
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Blog: Click Here


Jeni Bate

Artist  |   Salton City, CA United States


Van Nuys

Los Angeles

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Saint Charles
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jenibate birthday today!,
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jenibate birthday today!,
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jenibate birthday today!,
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jenibate birthday today!,
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jenibate birthday today!,
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jenibate birthday today!,
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jenibate birthday today!,
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