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Los Angeles, CA United States
9:22am, Feb 16
MY ISRAEL Temporary Art Installation Competition
Temporary Public Art Installation Competition
My Israel Exhibition will take place in conjunction with Celebrate Israel the 64th Independence Day festival celebration in Los Angeles, a massive one-day event.

Exhibition Dates: April 29, 2012
Entry Deadline: March 2, 2012

The Israeli Leadership Council (ILC), a non-profit organization will be hosting “Celebrate Israel”, this year's community-wide festival celebrating Israel's 64th Independence Day to take place Sunday April 29, 2012 at Cheviot Hills Recreation Center (Rancho Park) located in the heart of Los Angeles.This year's event is expected to attract more than 15,000 participants, the largest Jewish happening in the West Coast.

The ILC invites artists to submit artwork concept for this year's My Israel a temporary public art installation competition. The art installation is to correspond with two of Israel's and the Jewish peoples' most popular symbols: The Star of David and the Menorah. Artist is to select one of these symbols as the subject of the art installation.

The project seeks a design that will be consistent with its surrounding site and that takes into consideration visual movement, public open space and interaction between people of all ages. The park and festival serves as a unique platform for the art installation to be seen by a large range of people and the completion offers an amazing opportunity to truly express the meaning of public art.

Submissions must be entered with imaging and sketches of installation concept, information about the artist, information about the installation and materials used, size/ dimensions of the installation along with a budget that the installation will cost to create and dissemination process. Submissions may be entered either digitally via E-mail in a PDF format, or delivered to 5900 Canoga Ave. suite 400. Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Out of all the submissions, a designated committee will select few artists to build their massive art installation projects. The Israeli Leadership Council (ILC) will fund the creation of the selected installations and dissemination of installations. The installations will be located at Rancho Park where the art installations will be seen by the masses and covered by the local media. Out of the selected installations, the winner will be selected at the festival based on votes from attendees and receive media coverage.

For more information please contact Adee Drory, Festival Director, Celebrate Israel Festival: or (818) 836-6650.
Compensation:   Recognition by the Consul General of Israel, media coverage
How to Apply:   Sketch of your installation concept may be entered either digitally via E-mail in a PDF format, or delivered to 5900 Canoga Ave. suite 400. Woodland Hills, CA 91367. For more information
Apply Via Email: