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London, UK International
5:35am, Apr 16
Open Call "Midnight Magic" for all art forms // Novelty Magazine
What is sacred to you? Are you seduced by enigma, the unknown, outer space and time that opens gates to hidden places? Or are you finding your own place in the cycle, syncing with the world around you?

In a callous world certain to destroy hope and faith, the ever sparkling treasures come from within, and the prettiest sights are seen with our inner eyes.
Taking back control, connecting to a source that cannot be depleted, old power is released as established structures break down; a revolution rearranges us as much as it affects societal changes.

Noveltys 8th issue is dedicated to the theme Midnight Magic. Can you feel the energy flowing through the world around you? Is there a whisper in your ear, a glimmer out of the corner of your eye - little events you dont want logic or reason to take away? Were eager to hear from you.

Novelty is a quarterly online magazine interested in fresh perspectives on unconventional themes. Each issue focuses on an unusual theme, exploring it through essays, articles, columns, fiction, photography, music, illustration, visual arts, video and animation.
Novelty is launching an Open Call to all art forms.

As always, we are open to all interpretations of the theme and means of expressing them. The aim is to challenge collaborators to delve into the topic by looking at it with fresh eyes, offering a personal perspective. Like your regular conversations with friends – we go into a topic and we never know where it will end up.
Compensation:   n/a
How to Apply:   See our concept cloud for further inspiration and go to to apply. Deadline is 4th May at midnight.
So, are you joining the conversation? Let's get talking.
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