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London, UK International
1:29pm, Oct 14
Open Call "Spinning Stories" for all art forms // Novelty Magazine
Once upon a time, an identity was changed by retelling the story of how it came to be. Was the original narrative the one closer to reality, and the latter a lie? Was the big picture discovered along the way, or was the truth of the initial circumstances gradually forgotten? Storytellers find their style by selecting the point of view they find most interesting and which dramatically engages their audience.

Stories are powerful. We want to lose ourselves in a captivating tale, where the roles are clear: we want to know who the villain is and who the hero is. We root for the underdog, for love to prevail, for the characters to be brave and stand up for what they believe in.

Novelty’s 10th issue is dedicated to the theme “Spinning Stories”. Certain experiences remain untold until someone is willing to listen - without an audience, the narrator is incomplete. A narrative only becomes a story when it’s heard or read. This issue is about the act of storytelling, changing narratives, and getting to the truth.

Novelty is a quarterly online magazine interested in fresh perspectives on unconventional themes. Each issue focuses on an unusual theme, exploring it through essays, articles, columns, fiction, photography, music, illustration, visual arts, video and animation.
Novelty is launching an Open Call to all art forms.

As always, we are open to all interpretations of the theme and means of expressing them. The aim is to challenge collaborators to delve into the topic by looking at it with fresh eyes, offering a personal perspective. Like your regular conversations with friends – we go into a topic and we never know where it will end up.

See our concept cloud for further inspiration and go to to apply. Deadline is 3rd November at midnight.
So, are you joining the conversation? Let's get talking.
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