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lisarasmussen just posted a new Event, Call 4 Artists: The Art of Healing

Original Paintings

Abstract Expressionism with a Spiritual Twist.
  1. Original Paintings Gallery

    Thin Places Solo Exhibition
  2. Original Paintings Gallery

    Thin Places Solo Exhibition
  3. Original Paintings Gallery

    Caol Ait Solo Exhibition
  4. Original Paintings Gallery

    Solo Exhibition and Installation
  5. Original Paintings Gallery

    Caol Ait Solo Exhibition
  6. Original Paintings Gallery

    Caol Ait Solo Exhibition
  7. Original Paintings Gallery

    Amazing Piece
  8. Original Paintings Gallery

    Illumanation (Available)
  9. Original Paintings Gallery

    Alchemy (Available)
  10. Original Paintings Gallery

    Alchemy (Available)
  11. Original Paintings Gallery

    Phoenix Rising ( Available)
  12. Original Paintings Gallery

    KA (sold)
  13. Original Paintings Gallery

    Caol Ait (Available)
  14. Original Paintings Gallery

    Maya (Available)
  15. Original Paintings Gallery

    Prana (Available)
  16. Original Paintings Gallery

    We Wui ( Available)
  17. Original Paintings Gallery

    New Grange
  18. Original Paintings Gallery

    Pneuma( Available)
  19. Original Paintings Gallery

    Chaos and Order (Sold)
  20. Original Paintings Gallery

    Griffen (In Private Collection)
  21. Original Paintings Gallery

    Knowth (Sold)
  22. Original Paintings Gallery

    Nordic Cross (Sold)
  23. Original Paintings Gallery



  1. LACMA Gallery

    Me at LACMA


Available in limited Edition Museum Quality Giclee
  1. Photography Gallery

    Hands of Creation
  2. Photography Gallery

    Hands of Creation
  3. Photography Gallery

    Hands of Creation
  4. Photography Gallery

  5. Photography Gallery

    Hands of Creativity
  6. Photography Gallery

    Happy Dreamer
  7. Photography Gallery

    Strand DNA
  8. Photography Gallery

    Wishing Tree
  9. Photography Gallery

    In the Beginning
  10. Photography Gallery

    Uguzi Falls Argentina
  11. Photography Gallery

    Devils Falls, Argentina
  12. Photography Gallery

    Tree Shrine
  13. Photography Gallery

    Castle of Trim-In Between
  14. Photography Gallery

    Petro Big Island
  15. Photography Gallery

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Personal Info
I am a: Woman
Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Seeking: Networking
Education: Master's Degree
City: California, CA
Country: United States
Profession: Artist/Educator
My Causes:
I believe in
Art, Life, Nature, Connection,Reaching ones greatest potential,
"Perhaps the only limits to the human mind are those that we believe in" Willis Harman
How I would make this world a better place
Take 5: ARTbreak Day!! Paint, Create, teach empowerment via ART.
Who and what I'm looking for
Number of Views: 2,643
Professional Info
My Business Name: Artist Lisa Rasmussen
Phone: 4153774956
City: California, CA, 90402, United States
My Profession: Art
About my work:
Caol ‘Ait
(thin places) a residue of experience

Lisa Rasmussen is a painter, art advocate, envorimental artist, and educator. She was born in Wisconsin and has her roots in Scandinavia and Ireland. Early on she developed a thirst for travel and distant cultures. A key conceptual element of her artistic process is the study and travel to ancient cultures and sacred sites around the world. Some of her travel adventures include Nepal, Peru,Ireland, and Brazil. She has also lived and taught English in the mountains of South, China, as well as she had studied antiquities, the Art of the Renaissance, and Ceramics in Florence, Italy.

Lisa’s BA was in Sculpture and one can see the three dimensional deeply reflected her textural canvas’s. For her painting is a very visceral and physical process. Rasmussen’s paintings have been called abstract expressionism, with a spiritual twist. Her paintings reflect her holistic worldview and her deep connection with the natural world. For Rasmussen, art making is a transcendental experience. When she paints, Rasmussen taps into a force greater than herself; a force that creates through her. Each painting is a product of her dance with divinity. Through her process she hopes to invoke in herself and the viewer a deeper connection to the world within and around us through reflection and inspiration.

Rasmussen was named “Graduate Student of the Year” during her MFA commencement exercises in recognition of the strength of her paintings and her use of her artistic gifts to transform the lives of victims of abuse.
Rasmussen is the co-founder and co-director of the ArtCart and of Art Break Day 2011, the mission of both these projects is to build community and positive social bonds, by offering a space on sidewalks for residents to create art together for free.

Rasmussen’s work has been featured in numerous media outlets.
Currently she lives in Santa Monica with her three cats
Past Clients and Projects include:
Selected Solo Exhibitions

Broken Drum, San Rafael, CA 2011-present
JFKU Gallery. Caol Ait (Thin Places) Berkeley, CA 2008
JFKU, Dreaming the Earth, Berkeley, CA 2008
Color Graphics, Corporate Exhibition, San Francisco, CA 2008-2010
The Red Door Gallery, Portals, Oakland, CA 2008
Gallery Representation

Terra Firma Gallery, San Rafael, CA, 2011-present
ROOM Gallery, San Rafael, CA 2010-2011
Studio 333, Sausalito, CA 2007-2009
Selected Group Exhibitions

LAUSD, Save the Arts Benefit Auction, Los Angeles, CA 2011
JFKU Gallery, Alumni Exhibition, Berkeley, CA 2010
Gallery Route One, 24th Annual Juried Show, Juror: Jeremy Morgan, Point Reyes, CA 2009
The Red Door Gallery, ART and the Body Poltick, Oakland, CA 2009
The Red Door Gallery, Myth, Magic, and Mystery, Oakland, CA 2009
JFKU Gallery, Graduate Exhibition, Berkeley, CA 2008
JFKU Gallery, 2x2 Exhibition, Berkeley, CA 2007
JFKU Gallery, Dreaming Mind with NIAD, Berkeley, CA 2005
Association for the Study of Dreams, International Art Exhibition, Boston, MA 2002
Permanent Public Collections

Alameda County Family Justice Center, Oakland CA
Community Art Projects

Take 5: ARTbreak Day, Co-Director and Co-Founder, San Francisco Bay Area, 2011-present
ARTcart, Co-Director and Co-Founder, San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, 2009-Present
The Red Door Gallery and Collective,, Co-Managing Director and Co-Founder, Oakland, CA 2008-2009
The ART of Transformation, Youth Art Fundraiser, Co-Director and Founder, Sausalito, CA 2007-2010
1000 Hearts and Hands, Director, Curator, and Art Facilitator, Oakland, CA 2009-2010
Lincoln Child Centers At risk-Youth Photography Program, Founder, Oakland, CA 2010
Festival of Hope, Youth Art Exhibition, Oakland, CA 2007-2010
Youth Eco Trail, Founder and Director, Oakland, CA 2010

Selected Curated Exhibitions

The Red Door Gallery, Insights of Life from the Shadows of Death, The Red Door Gallery and Collective, Oakland, CA,
The Red Door Gallery, Myth, Magic, and Mystery, Oakland, CA, 2009
The Red Door Gallery, Small Works in a Big Space, Oakland CA, 2009
The Red Door Gallery, Lineage, The Red Door Gallery, Oakland, CA, 2009
The Red Door Gallery, Art and the Body Politic, Oakland, CA 2009
The Red Door Gallery, Portals, CA, 2008
Professional Art Experience


Take 5, ART break Day, Co-founder, Director, Event Organizer, Manager, Fundraiser, and Art Facilitator, San Francisco Bay Area.

ART break Day is a free community ART reach event that encourages cultural exchange, communal bounding through the act of making art for free in public space with free and abundant art supplies. Communities and 1000's of individuals from all walks of life and continents take a break in the daily routine with the creative process. Take 5: ARTbreak Day participants who leave Take 5: ARTbreak Day’s free art making sites were filled with joy and pure gratitude for having such an amazing opportunity to create, connect, and be inspired by their own imagination and the fellowship of humanity. Event will expand to SoCal in 2012.


Art is Moving, Co-founder, Director, Blogger, and Art Facilitator

In collaboration with one other artist, I take part in both online and in public community art projects focused on cultivating the public to become more empowered through art. Also, I have facilitated the art making process with thousands of adults, children, and elders in public spaces, festivals, art walks, and private events with the ARTcart.


ARTcart LA at the Wake Up CA Rally, Art Advocacy Art Facilitator,


Lincoln Child Center, Oakland, CA Art/Activity Therapist,

Pioneered Transformative Art Program-.Inclusive of creating own expressive art therapy curriculum and build bridges into the wider community through youth public art installations and gallery fundraising exhibitions
Worked with Severely Emotionally Disturbed (SED) kids. Developed therapeutic curriculum and mentorship program
Developed special projects to build links between the children and the larger community.
Led efforts to display students’ art in professional galleries and public spaces.
Founded the Phil Harley Youth Professional Gallery on campus

MFA Graduate Program JFKU Berkeley, CA Graduate Mentor


The Red Door Gallery and Collective, Oakland CA Co-Founder, Curator, Management Team, Community Outreach Gallery Executive Manager and Curator. Gallery promotes community dialogue and provides a space for struggling artists, disadvantaged youth, the elderly, and others to exhibit art

National Institute of Arts and Disabilities at The Red Door
“Lineage” collaborated with Art with Elders, Bay Area at The Red Door
What does art Mean to you?” Lincoln Child Center children’s art“1000 Hearts and Hands” Fundraiser for art program for at-risk youth, ALC and Lincoln Child Center Oakland

Art with Elders, Transformative Art Teacher, Union City, CA


Visiting fellow,


Art Teacher/Mentor for At-Risk Teens, Teen Art Explosion Substance Abuse Program, Alternative High School, Rogers, AR

Developed and implemented a transformative art curriculum.
Used art mentoring as a tool for transformation to empower at-risk youth.
Cutting-edge work with kids made the cover story of Dreamtime, the official magazine of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.
Summer 2002

ESL Teacher, Guangzhou Practical English and French School, Guangzhou, People’s Republic of China

Taught beginning and intermediate English immersion to persons ranging from business professionals & young adults to teens and children.

Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Dreams and Dreamwork: Dream Group Leadership instructed by Prof. Jeremy Taylor, Graduate Theological Union


Fine Arts Consultant, Spirits in Stone Galleries, Sausalito, CA,Merrill Chase Gallery, Chicago, IL Franklin Bowles/Modern Masters/Dyansen Galleries, San Francisco

Provided excellent client service, developed collector relations, served as educator to the public
Studied, exhibited, and sold the works of Rembrandt, Max, Dali, Chagall, Picasso
Publications and Reviews

2011, Article, Diverse group embraces open offer to create art: Jill Tucker, San Francisco Chronicle
2011, Article, Forget your coffee break! Take an art break instead Steven E.F. Brown, San Francisco Business Times
2011, Article, Art Break Day: A chance to take a moment to create: Mary Ellen Hunt, San Francisco Chronicle:
2011, Newspaper Photo Credit,
2011, Article, Take 5' and make some art: By Jennifer Modenessi,Oakland Tribune
2011 Article, ARTcart LA at the Wake Up CA Rally,
2011, Blog Photo Credit
2011, Video, Artist Spotlight at ROOM Gallery, San Rafael, CA
2010, Article, “Arkansas Artists in the Spotlight” Leslie Peacock, The Arkansas Times,
2010 Radio Interview with E-Marie, Engaging Children with ART,
2009 Radio Interview with Amy Conger of Straw into Gold,
2009, Article, Kristin Bender reports on the ARTcart! Project-Oakland Tribune,
2009 Article, Dewitt Cheng reviews- Insights of Life from the Shadows of Death
2009 Radio KPFA Interview on Against the Grain (Jan. 20th)
2009 Article,Dewitt Cheng review Art and the Body Politick*
2008 Review Portals, Cameron Thrash,
2008 Video, Help them Soar, LCC feature about my Transformative Art and Healing Program,
2003, Featured Artist and Cover artist, International Association for the Study of Dreams, Dream Time Magazine
2003 Featured Artist, Meaning of Dreams, UK,
2003, Cover artist, Electric Dreams,
2002, ART and Project featured, Artistic Contributor in the Book, Shadowboxes and Shrines, Rockport Publishers


B.A. Studio Arts, Sculpture: The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR
MFA; Coursework in Transformative Art: John F. Kennedy University, Berkeley, CA
Coursework in Art History & Ceramics: Lorenzo de Medici, Florence, Italy


Selected Inspirational Artist for the International Peace Project Traveling Exhibition, 2011
Nominated for Oakland Indie Awards 2010
ARTcart grant, Koreatown Northgate, Oakland 2009
Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year: John F. Kennedy University Graduate Program: Holistic Studies (2008)
International exposure and sacred site travel includes travel to Peru, Nepal, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Singapore, France, China, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Guam, Irealnd,Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina & other places.
My Artist website: Click Here
My Artist Collaboration website: Click Here
My Representing Galleries Website: Click Here


Lisa Rasmussen MFA

Artist/Educator  |   California, CA United States


Van Nuys


Culver City

Chief of Everything Else
Los Angeles

Culver City
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lisarasmussen birthday today!,
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lisarasmussen birthday today!,
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lisarasmussen birthday today!,
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