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Updated 9:26am, Aug 07
mdferrera just submitted this entry to The Peace Project's International Call-for-Artists. Check it out and do your art for Peace.

29 flavors and then some

an experimental and free style series based off self portraits August - November 2010 Pencil on scrap wood panels and framed wood
  1. 29 flavors and then some Gallery

  2. 29 flavors and then some Gallery

  3. 29 flavors and then some Gallery

    anyone up there?
  4. 29 flavors and then some Gallery

    F*@# You!
  5. 29 flavors and then some Gallery

    Fragile Hope
  6. 29 flavors and then some Gallery

    I wish I may, I wish I might
  7. 29 flavors and then some Gallery

    my best and only foot forward
  8. 29 flavors and then some Gallery

    sometimes i have to be the strong one
  9. 29 flavors and then some Gallery

    the climb
  10. 29 flavors and then some Gallery

  11. 29 flavors and then some Gallery



I can feel pieces of me come...Alive! March 2011 Acrylic, Colored Pencil and Pencil on scrap wood panels
  1. Alive Gallery

    life forming
  2. Alive Gallery

    drip into life
  3. Alive Gallery

    how the leopard got its spots
  4. Alive Gallery

    lettin 'em loose
  5. Alive Gallery

    Ms. San Michele
  6. Alive Gallery

    new growth
  7. Alive Gallery

    push n pull
  8. Alive Gallery

    sometimes chaos can create beauty
  9. Alive Gallery

    the Power of Red

Golden Series

a personal journey from death to rebirth March - July 2010 Pencil, Mixed Media on scrap Wood panels and framed wood
  1. Golden Series Gallery

    Beaten Pride
  2. Golden Series Gallery

    Free Flyin
  3. Golden Series Gallery

    Letting Go
  4. Golden Series Gallery

    Right Back...
  5. Golden Series Gallery

    The Burial
  6. Golden Series Gallery

    the Healer
  7. Golden Series Gallery

    the Punisher
  8. Golden Series Gallery

    Angel on my shoulder
  9. Golden Series Gallery

    succumb to me
  10. Golden Series Gallery

    the peel sessions
  11. Golden Series Gallery

    the fix
  12. Golden Series Gallery

  13. Golden Series Gallery

  14. Golden Series Gallery

    who's in contorl
  15. Golden Series Gallery

    the only cage left

Late Nite Series

too many late nites... 2009 - ongoing Mixed Media on Wood Panels
  1. Late Nite Series Gallery

    constant battle
  2. Late Nite Series Gallery

    dark are my nites of late
  3. Late Nite Series Gallery

  4. Late Nite Series Gallery

    Good vs. Evil
  5. Late Nite Series Gallery

    Infinite Confusion
  6. Late Nite Series Gallery

    Late Nite Ramblings (close-up)
  7. Late Nite Series Gallery

    Late Nite Ramblings
  8. Late Nite Series Gallery

    Late Nites
  9. Late Nite Series Gallery

    little red riding hood
  10. Late Nite Series Gallery

    My Heaven & Hell
  11. Late Nite Series Gallery

    Nightmares, nightmares
  12. Late Nite Series Gallery

    Not So Much Fun
  13. Late Nite Series Gallery

    This Painting Says It All
  14. Late Nite Series Gallery


latest series...

pencil on wood
  1. latest series... Gallery

  2. latest series... Gallery

  3. latest series... Gallery

    Summertime makes me feel...
  4. latest series... Gallery

    the deeper I dive...
  5. latest series... Gallery

    Hazy Grainy Daze
  6. latest series... Gallery

    Knee Deep
  7. latest series... Gallery

    deep in transition
  8. latest series... Gallery

    evening stretch
  9. latest series... Gallery

    morning purr...
  10. latest series... Gallery

    and sometimes I fall...
  11. latest series... Gallery




Simple Flavors

  1. Simple Flavors Gallery

    Reaching Out
  2. Simple Flavors Gallery

  3. Simple Flavors Gallery

    Knee Deep
  4. Simple Flavors Gallery

    reaching new heights
  5. Simple Flavors Gallery

    pushing the past behind
  6. Simple Flavors Gallery

    feelin home...
  7. Simple Flavors Gallery

    caught in the wanderdust...
  8. Simple Flavors Gallery

    summertime makes me feel...
  9. Simple Flavors Gallery

    simple flavors 1
  10. Simple Flavors Gallery

    hazy grainy daze
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I am a: Woman
Seeking: Networking
Age: 36
Education: College Degree
City: San Diego, CA
Country: United States
Profession: Artist
I believe in
How I would make this world a better place
Try and get people to stop for a minute and breathe, think and LISTEN to themselves, what/how they really feel and listen to each other. So many issues come about from miscommunication. Our stories, our lives is what connects us, what makes us feel less alone, loved and able to love and hopeful.
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inspiration, motivation, connections, stories, living life to the fullest
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My Business Name: MDFerrera
City: San Diego, CA, 92101, United States
My Profession: Art
About my work:
My art, my way of reaching out, story telling, learning, growing, grieving, and loving is me, plain and simple, nothing else. These colorful and sometimes blank snippets of my life experiences and encounters serve as my truthful journey. You are already a part of it.
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Michelle D. Ferrera

Artist  |   San Diego, CA United States


Artist/Sculptured Masks
Orange County

Chief of Everything Else
Los Angeles


Los Angeles

Los Angeles
3:30am, Jul 29
mdferrera birthday today!,
3:30am, Jul 29
mdferrera birthday today!,
3:30am, Jul 29
mdferrera birthday today!,
3:30am, Jul 29
mdferrera birthday today!,
3:30am, Jul 29
mdferrera birthday today!,
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3:30am, Jul 29
mdferrera birthday today!,
2:08pm, May 08
mdferrera is loving all the excitement....three of my published books are available for purchase, in the process of new pencil on wood pieces and lots of meetings with galleries...keep up on my website!
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