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Updated 8:49pm, Oct 16
muralsmosaics just submitted this entry to The Peace Project's International Call-for-Artists. Check it out and do your art for Peace.

First Gallery

This is my first Gallery of Images. This body of four works is based on the concept of making peace. Enjoy!
  1. First Gallery Gallery

    Love and Peace For All The World
  2. First Gallery Gallery

    Dove Flying Carries Peace
  3. First Gallery Gallery

    Heart Of Love-Peace Rising From The Ashes (Trust)
  4. First Gallery Gallery

    Sunshine Heart
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Personal Info
"Artist For Life"
I am a: Woman
Relationship Status: Married
Seeking: Networking
Age: 50
Education: College Degree
City: Palm Harbor, FL
Country: United States
Profession: Artist
My Causes:
I believe in
I believe in the strength of the human spirit. I believe in equal rights for all people and freedom to follow ones happiness.
How I would make this world a better place
I would take judgement and produce away from all of us. I would make sure everyone had basic needs met, I would peruse the infusion of the arts in every aspect of our culture just as it was thousand of years ago.
Who and what I'm looking for
I am looking two enjoy others art, share my art and network for the prospect of getting my art out into the world. I am here to support others in their goals and endeavors.
Number of Views: 2,024
Professional Info
My Business Name: Stephanie Wray Arts
Phone: 469-556-3965
City: Palm Harbor, FL, 34685, United States
My Profession: Art
About my work:
My work is not planned, it is created spontaneously in the moment. The figure, without race, sometimes without gender sometimes with is the container to tell the story. Color is my strength and my passion and I feel it is what grabs the viewer and evokes emotion.
Past Clients and Projects include:
I am a full time artist. I paint murals, create mosaic installations in homes and individual pieces. I am currently showing in the Pecan Street Festival in September and the Artispans Art Fair in Rockwall, Texas. I am a member of the Ft. Worth Arts Association.
My web site: Click Here
My web site: Click Here


Stephanie Wray

Artist  |   Palm Harbor, FL United States


Los Angeles

Culver City

Chief of Everything Else
Los Angeles

Graphic Artist/Musician
Los Angeles
3:30am, Feb 10
muralsmosaics birthday today!,
3:30am, Feb 10
muralsmosaics birthday today!,
7:51am, Sep 04
muralsmosaics just uploaded new portfolio images, click here to view
3:30am, Feb 10
muralsmosaics birthday today!,
8:25pm, Sep 05
muralsmosaics just posted a new Peace Project, Peace Begins With Me
8:08pm, Sep 05
muralsmosaics just posted a new Peace Project, Peace Begins With Compassion
7:56pm, Sep 05
muralsmosaics just posted a new Peace Project, Peace Begins With Compassion
3:30am, Feb 10
muralsmosaics birthday today!,
8:43am, Oct 28
muralsmosaics is home with a sick toddler!! Happy Monday!!
9:02pm, Oct 13
muralsmosaics is just getting home from another art opening.
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