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June 2013 -- Peace, Love & Understanding

Every day I feel incredibly honored to lead The Peace Project, but never more so than during our yearly Call for Artists. During this time, artists from countries as diverse as the Palestinian Territories to Australia show me what peace looks like around the world.

April 2013 -- Bring Light

Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.

Martin Luther King Jr.

The night following the bombings at the Boston Marathon I had a dream that it was the middle of the night and very dark. Everyone was asleep, and I was in Paris with a few trusted comrades (including musician Dan Reed) and we were giving someone a jar with fireflies in it. As I woke with a smile, I thought about the quote by Martin Luther King Jr. above...

November 2012 -- Gratitude Unlocks the Fullness of Life

Last week was Thanksgiving here in the United States - a holiday historically linked to the celebration of a successful harvest, but which, in my lifetime, has always represented a time to commune with family and friends and celebrate individual and mutual blessings.

September 2012 -- 500 Artists Join Hands to Make Peace

The artwork from this year's Call for Artists is incredible and I can't wait to unveil the exhibit at our first event in Dallas on September 22nd. This exhibit will feature a mosaic like the one shown the top of this page that includes the work from all participating artists, plus showcases 156 pieces on 1 foot x 1 foot panels.

August 2012 -- Moving Forward

Being someone who works hard to find the positive in everything, my personal reality is that this has caused me to work hard to "up" my game, to dig deep within myself and find the tools (and faith and peace) that I need to continue moving forward with not only building community through and The Whole 9 Gallery, but changing the world through The Peace Project.

June 2012 -- Zero Hour

Besides the lives we've changed in Sierra Leone, the work we're doing with The Peace Project has done something more important - it's started to shift people's belief systems and remove the paralysis caused by the belief that the problems are too big and that we are too small to make a difference.

We can all make a difference.

February 2012 -- I Have a Dream...

Since I last asked "What is being black?" in February 2011, I've spent a lot of time in Sierra Leone, Africa, where as a woman with white skin, I've been part of the extreme minority. I've brushed shoulders, broken bread, and worked side-by-side with black people whose lives I could not previously imagine. I've reached out to shake hands with a black man who has no hands and I've started the process to adopt a beautiful ten year old Sierra Leonean boy who felt like my son the moment I held him

December 2011 -- Peace on Earth

Shortly after we launched The Peace Project in July of 2010, I made a trip to Sierra Leone. During that trip, I met quite a few members of Sierra Leone's amputee soccer team. It was photos of these men that first inspired The Peace Project. During our time together, they asked me to return to the United States and let people know that they are "Ambassadors for Peace."

September 2011 -- And the winner is...

Today, September 21st, the largest and most collaborative social effort ever takes place in the African country of Sierra Leone. Today is also the day that we announce the results of The Peace Project's 2nd Annual Call-for-Artists.

September 2011 -- Dear Stranger...

The Peace Project, supported by members of community, is on the eve of making history in the tiny country of Sierra Leone, Africa, through Operation Rise. On World Peace Day, a network of organizations and individuals led by The Peace Project will distribute 10,000 pairs of crutches to everyone in need throughout the country.

August 2011 -- Change Is Good

"Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal." This is especially true today as we proudly re-introduce which features a new, cleaner design, and greater functionality.

May 2011 -- Rise Up!

On World Peace Day, September 21st, 2011, The Peace Project, supported by a coalition of partners including UNICEF, will implement the most dramatic social effort in recent history, Operation Rise, and distribute 10,000 pairs of crutches to children and adults throughout the country, and together we will Rise Up!

February 2011 -- What is Being Black?

So as Black History Month draws to a close I ask, as I do every year, "What is being black?" My answer today is that maybe it's not so different than being white - or at least not as different as some would like us to believe.

January 2011 -- LEAP...and the net will appear

It looks like we'll be able to accomplish our initial goal of getting 1,000 amputees off the ground by 2012 by World Peace Day 2011! If all goes as planned, we'll increase the scope of this effort and will execute the most dramatic social effort in recent history

December 2010 -- Sharing causes change

Sharing is something we're taught as children. Oddly enough, when we're young, we're urged to share with just about everyone. And then something happens - our belief systems shift and we start believing that if we share too much, or with too many people, we won't have enough. But when you really think about it, you realize that the act of sharing is an exchange - whether you're sharing something tangible such as money or art, or something intangible like ideas, inspiration, or hope.

September 2010 -- Peace Project Awards Announced!

We received over 700 Peace Project submissions from nearly every single state in the U.S. and province in Canada, plus over 30 countries around the world. Click through the entries and you'll see that the stories that people from around the world have shared are simple and complex, sad and funny, hopeful and beautiful. Thanks for joining hands with us on the road to Peace.

September 2010 -- Peace Starts Here

Today is World Peace Day - an international day of peace and global ceasefire recognized by the United Nation and celebrated by over 200 million people around the world. Hopefully you're beginning to realize that The Peace Project is about a lot more than pretty pictures. The Peace Project is about changing people's minds, lives and about using our collective power to change the world.

August 2010 -- The Ripple Effect

Recently I've had the overwhelming feeling that all of the seemingly disparate paths that I've traveled in my life have converged, leading me to this one place at this one time to do this one thing called The Peace Project. It's a remarkable feeling to believe (without question) that you're exactly where you should be, doing what you should be doing, but even as I realize this, I also recognize how many people have touched my life and have been instrumental in leading me here.

July 2010 -- Climb Aboard the Peace Train!

The response to The Peace Project has been phenomenal. But we've only just begun and we'd love to keep building and get more people involved so that we can do more. Please pass this along, and together let's make Peace.

July 2010 -- Give Peace a Chance

Introducing The Peace Project, an international art competition & exhibition. But more than that, The Peace Project is a movement -- a way for creative people to come together and show that through community and creativity, we can change the world.

June 2010 -- The Art of Religion

Isn't the celebration of God (or whomever you believe in as a higher power), something that should unite us -- breaking down the cultural, racial, language, and class barriers that too often make us think we're more different than we really are?

May 2010 -- Keep It Fresh!

This month, The Whole 9 asks members and people outside The Whole 9 community what it takes to keep things fresh. Curious? Find out now.

April 2010 -- Making Gain From Pain

A phoenix is an immortal bird that, when it dies, bursts into flames and is reborn from its own ashes. "To rise from the ashes of the phoenix" means to make a miraculous comeback, and to some extent this has been the ongoing story of my life.

March 2010 -- Miracles Do Happen

What's funny is that I've found that now that I'm thinking about miracles and now that I believe in them, they're happening to me all the time...

February 2010 -- Black is Beautiful

I seek to understand freedom and equality - two of humankind's inherent rights - because I've always had them, but also always taken them for granted, and thus I don't know their sweetness or what it's like to be without.

December 2009 -- Home is where the heart is

But in Los Angeles, as in large and small cities around the world, not everyone is so lucky. Every day I pass people on the streets that have no home, and oft-times don't even have shelter.

November 2009 -- It Take Two

I used to think that in a partnership all things should be equal. But I've come to realize that in successful partnerships, all things are not equal, at least not all the time.

October 2009 -- Size Matters

I've learned that size matters. And while bigger is not always better (imagine trying to fit a large car into a small parking space when you're in a hurry), bigger does sometimes have its advantages.

August 2009 -- What is this web 2.0 anyway?

I don't know about you, but the world wide web is still pretty much a mystery to me. Even after three years at the helm of one of the more complex portfolio and social networking sites on the "www", I sheepishly admit...

July 2009 -- Oh...the places you'll go...

Unlike some people, I still enjoy air travel. Once I make it through the strip search, toss my contraband in the trash and put my shoes back on, I'm ready to roll.

June 2009 -- Greater than the sum of its parts...

And so as I sit here three years later thinking about this great journey that I've been on with all of you at The Whole 9, I think about how The Whole 9 has grown and how we've started to develop that community.

May 2009 -- Love the art in You!

It's hard to wake up every day and think of new ways to make what we're doing work, to rally the troops and keep all of the balls in the air. But then a member of The Whole 9 community writes to let me know that The Whole 9 has helped them...

April 2009 -- Youth isn't wasted on the young

Recently I've been spending some time pondering age and what it means. I vividly remember (mostly anyway) my misspent youth where I drank and danced many, many nights away. Remember those days?

March 2009 -- Let Love Rule!

Something unusual has been happening lately...I've been noticing it. Have you? Strangers are looking at each other and smiling. Hands are reaching out. Hearts are opening up. And many people are awakening to an awareness that we are in this together.

January 2009 -- You've come a long way baby!

It's been a long road to this moment in time and we may have a long way to go, but certainly no one can dispute the fact that we've come a long way...together.

December 2008 -- Change is Good.

Whether you like Obama or not, his election signals a change in the U.S. -- a change not only in how Americans view each other, but a change in how others will view America. I'm a firm believer that change is good. And as always I'm ready for it.

October 2008 -- Stand up for Something!

The truth is that we've left things to others for so long that now we must all be involved in the repair of our world. It is no longer enough to sit back and let the other guy do Gandhi says, we must "be the change we wish to see in the world."

September 2008 -- Rock Your Vote!

We read stories about people in other countries literally taking their lives in their hands in order to exercise their right to vote, yet we continue taking our right to vote for granted. Rights that only became universal in the last generation.

August 2008 -- Get your act together!

Ahhh summer...a great time to relax and rejuvenate. To get out and experience the world around us and feel the sun on our face. As summer wanes a new resolve rolls in. And with it, many of us roll up our sleeves, push summer away and get back to work.

July 2008 -- There is no I in TEAM

Collaboration has been on my mind a lot lately...when you're in a creative business, it's hard to get around it. The interesting thing is that in many cases, we lose sight of the fact that every time we work with someone, it's a collaborative effort.

June 2008 -- Introducing Above the Fold!

Introducing, Above The Fold, our new blogging section, where the written word rules once again. This new section features a small group of TW9 members rapping about everything from politics to race. Please take a spin through Above The Fold.

May 2008 -- No Man is an Island

People like myself develop untraditional families that open our hearts, creating the space to reunite, reconnect and forgive those less-than-perfect families we grew up with. In a sense, The Whole 9 community has become an extended family to me.

April 2008 -- Go with the Flow!

How to juggle & prioritize these aspects that range from the creative to the practical is a big question and one that Isabelle not only continually asks and refines, but helps to answer in her Life Fulfillment Coaching practice. Ready to learn more?

March 2008 -- I left my Heart in San Francisco

Altamont ended the era we know as the Summer of Love, but the mystique still hangs heavy in San Fran. A harmonious melting pot of gays, straights, beatniks, techies and everything in between -- this is the energy I feel in the City by the Bay.

February 2008 -- Stand with the Shoulders of Giants

Born on Chicago's Southside to a mother who was raped, Michael was adopted and raised by a single mother on the east side of Long Beach. But Michael had a dream about a very different kind of life -- that one day he would have a safe home.

January 2008 -- Sexuality, kick up your heels!

Margaret says, "Gender is a blurry, shifty thing." Early on she felt that although her physicality was that of a boy, she was a girl. This resulted in her being pretty much androgynous until puberty hit. In her late 20s, she decided to "come out."

December 2007 -- Face it with Gratitude

Anne Frank once said that "No one ever became poor by giving." We all become richer when we open our hearts and share our resources. So thanks to everyone for sharing your resources and for reflecting on what you're grateful for. Happy Holidays!

November 2007 -- Going Green

"Going Green," means many different things to people. The reality is that each one of us can make a difference if we just expand our consciousness a little, recycle more and do our part so others can enjoy this amazing place called Mother Earth.

October 2007 -- The Art of Dance

The art form of dance has been at the core & heart of every civilization since the dawn of time. It serves to entertain, provoke thought, communicate emotion, tell stories, preserve history, educate and even heal. For a very special few, it is life.

September 2007 -- Wear it Loud!

The advent of Fashion Week in NY is always a rush -fashionistas from across the world descend on the city and skate into the tents at Bryant Park to watch statuesque girls and gorgeous guys with chiseled jaws glide, strut and stomp down the runway.

August 2007 -- It's the Life in your Years

It's incredibly gratifying to see people of all ages reaching out to others whose words and work resonate with them -- regardless of age -- and to see those same people sharing knowledge, healing and skills, and bringing more unity to this community.

July 2007 -- One Vibe, One Heart, One Soul

There were people of all nations and scores of brown children, laughing, dancing, and reaching out to each other. The sun was shining and the bands played on...Corey had pulled off an act of incredible beauty and unity through sheer will and faith.

June 2007 -- A Healthy Body, Mind & Soul

Eastern medicine and philosophy has begun permeating the consciousness of our society and we've started to realize, especially those of us with creative lifestyles, the importance of not only being physically fit, but emotionally and mentally fit.

May 2007 -- Women Rock!

I have learned that women can accomplish amazing things, be the rock that allows others to achieve their dreams, and create art that moves us in unimaginable ways. More and more, I'm seeing women like this within The Whole 9 community.

April 2007 -- Peace is Possible

His goal was to persuade the global community via the United Nations to officially sanction a global ceasefire day; a day of non-violence; a day of Peace. Through Jeremy's unwavering determination, the UN International Day of Peace is September 21.

March 2007 -- Food, Glorious Food!

Food & wine express a culture's heritage and together are the foundation of virtually every celebration. (At least any celebration I'd want to be a part of!) But when you think about it, what we eat and drink are a big part of our creative lives.

February 2007 -- Find amazing talent HERE!

Recently a friend (and member of The Whole 9 community) asked if I knew of any web designers in San Francisco. No, but I knew exactly where she should look—heellooo, Whole 9 Portfolios. She wondered out loud why she hadn't thought of it herself.

January 2007 -- Can a song save the world?

...what was most surprising and also unexpectedly heartening is that amidst all of the despair there is also good humor. There are people sharing and taking care of one another. There is a sense of community...and most importantly, there is hope.

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