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Updated 12:15pm, Sep 07
pinzarrone2 just submitted this entry to The Peace Project's International Call-for-Artists. Check it out and do your art for Peace.


  1. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Eve Without Adam 24x24 Sept 2017
  2. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Venus Waiting for the Lute Player B 30w x 18h
  3. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Marbles 24w x 36h
  4. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Seated Libyan Sibyl Red 20w x 30h
  5. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Seated Sibyl 20w x 30h
  6. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Blue Eve 17w x 30h
  7. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Reaching Back 21w x 24h
  8. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Red 14w x 6h
  9. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Danae Receiving the Blue Rain 30w x 15h 2017
  10. Pinzarrone Gallery

    M A Left 20w x 30h aluminum
  11. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Venus of Urbino Recliner 219 24w x 16h
  12. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Reclining Venus on Amber Grass 30w x 18h
  13. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Recliner 219 24w x 18h aluminum
  14. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Blue Venus 30w x 20h
  15. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Rebirth of Venus 1305 20w x 30h
  16. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Reclining Venus BW 30w x 20h
  17. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Floater Red 20w x 30h
  18. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Quiet Left Side 30w x20h aluminum
  19. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Devi on White 30 x30 aluminum
  20. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Sleeping Venus 40w x20h and 30w x15h aluminum
  21. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Isabella D Este Portrait 24x24
  22. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Leda Waiting for the Swan at Mardi Gras 30w x 12h aluminum
  23. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Blue Isabella D Este 30w x 20h aluminum
  24. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Artemis and Actaeon White 20w x 30h
  25. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Leda Waiting for the Swan - Left Leg, 30w x 12h aluminum
  26. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Garden G, 45w x 36h metallic film
  27. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Pink Sleeping Venus with Carnival Color B 24w x 16h plexiglas / metallic paper
  28. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Easter Venus Left Side 30w x20h aluminum
  29. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Green Ballerina 30w x18 h
  30. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Girl With a Non-Pearl Earring 24 x 24 aluminum
  31. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Sunset 6 30w x 20h on metallic film and 53w x 32h paper
  32. Pinzarrone Gallery

    June 13 P
  33. Pinzarrone Gallery

    Seductress 220 24w x 16h
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Personal Info
"Craftsmanship counts."
I am a: Man
Relationship Status: Single
Interested In: Women
Seeking: Networking
Education: Post Graduate
City: Machesney Park, IL
Country: United States
Profession: Artist
My Causes:
I believe in
Making my part of earth better, more colorful.
How I would make this world a better place
Aesthetic and intellectual inspiration
Who and what I'm looking for
Improvement, respect and a chance to inspire. There is always room to make things better.
Number of Views: 1,723
Professional Info
My Business Name:
City: Machesney Park, IL, 61115, United States
My Profession: Art
About my work:
This work is a study of how nature and power rhyme. It is a glimpse into my world of candy-colored sensual puzzles displayed on high gloss aluminum. Can I draw you in closer to feel comforted yet disturbed? Is this science fiction? Science illustration? The viewer is pulled in to play and explore.... and wonder if these are mirrors.
This work is digital.... I use CAD [computer-aided-design] software for geometrical elements, fractal software for patterns, painting software for digital airbrush & air erasure and digital photography to show you my world. The mandalas are built up using [up to 27 so far] transparent layers. Sometimes after they are compressed, I wrap them around figures and build up 15 to 20 additional transparent layers. Their skin is my canvas and the viewer struggles to determine if they're photographs of tattoos, painted figures or something else. Some of the work is printed on high gloss aluminum, some printed on metallic film and bonded to the reverse side of clear plexiglas.
Past Clients and Projects include:
2017 Mini Masters Freeport Art Museum, July 21 " September Freeport IL
2017 Martini Room solo exhibition of 22 new figurative pieces, Elgin IL July []
2017 Harvard Starline juried exhibition, Harvard IL July, June, April and February
2017 Invitational Group Show, Aeon Gallery, Richmond IL May
2017 Exhibition Without Walls FREE FOR ALL juried international []
2017 Light Space Time 2017 Figurative Juried [Special Merit Award] April []
2017 Spring Artscene at Gallery 317 and at Ameriprise, April, Rockford IL
2017 Artsy Shark Digital Showcase, February []
2017 Adam and Eve National Juried, Woodstock IL January
2017 Emotion & Energy of Color 4 International juried, Honorable Mention January
2016 Holiday Invitational Exhibition, J.R.Kortman, Rockford IL November
2016 Art Scene Today BAD ART 2nd prize juried exhibition, Summer-November
2016 Freeport Art Museum 13th Annual Regional Juried, November 2016 " January 2017
2016 Art Scene / Art Walk, Boone County Historical Museum, Belvidere, IL October
2016 Light Space and Time OPEN International Juried, Special Merit & Recognition Awards, September
2016 Portraits Juried, Artist Portfolio Magazine, August
2016 Creek Gallery Juried, Crystal Lake, IL August
2016 Reinventing Ourselves, Self Portrait National Juried, ArtNXT Level, Gallery 33, Zhou B Art Center, Chicago August
2016 Solo Exhibition DE LUNA FINE ART GALLERY, Freeport IL August
2016 4th Friday Harvard Starline Juried, July
2016 Light Space and Time FIGURATIVE International Juried, Special Merit and Recognition Awards, July
2016 Art Matters Invitational, CELEBRATE PROCESS, Rockford June 24 " July 16th
2016 3-Person Exhibition THE ARTERY / Midcoast Fine Arts Rock Island, IL March " May
2016 Starline Juried, Harvard IL April
2016 Future So Bright Juried International, Woodstock IL Jan -Feb 2016
2015 Starline Juried, Harvard IL Oct 2015
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Paul Pinzarrone

Artist  |   Machesney Park, IL United States


Van Nuys

Los Angeles


Culver City

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pinzarrone2 birthday today!,
3:30am, Mar 04
pinzarrone2 birthday today!,
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pinzarrone2 WINDOW D
3:30am, Mar 04
pinzarrone2 birthday today!,
3:30am, Mar 04
pinzarrone2 birthday today!,
3:30am, Mar 04
pinzarrone2 birthday today!,
8:22pm, Aug 26
pinzarrone2 just uploaded new portfolio images, click here to view
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pinzarrone2 just uploaded new portfolio images, click here to view
8:22pm, Aug 26
pinzarrone2 just uploaded new portfolio images, click here to view
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