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Updated 4:51pm, Jun 18
junkerdesigns is on frockon's blog today:

Portfolio Gallery

  1. Portfolio Gallery Gallery

    Vince Neil in Junker vest and pants
  2. Portfolio Gallery Gallery

    Carla in her Junker wedding gear
  3. Portfolio Gallery Gallery

    Tod and Giuliana, Junker's overlords shot by Kimberly Kane
  4. Portfolio Gallery Gallery

    Flea looking shiny in Junker pants
  5. Portfolio Gallery Gallery

    Steven Tyler in Junker coat at Fenway Park
  6. Portfolio Gallery Gallery

    Dave Navarro's round bottom in Junker pants
  7. Portfolio Gallery Gallery

    Ulorin Vex in Junker kimono and leather obi
  8. Portfolio Gallery Gallery

    Heidi Huber Extravaganza got married in a Junker original gown.
  9. Portfolio Gallery Gallery

    Lindsey Way in custom Junker corset vest
  10. Portfolio Gallery Gallery

    Bai Ling looking cuddly in Junker
  11. Portfolio Gallery Gallery

    Britney Spears performing in Times Square in Junker leather pants
  12. Portfolio Gallery Gallery

    Jim Kalin, he used to wrestle, now he models for Junker
  13. Portfolio Gallery Gallery

  14. Portfolio Gallery Gallery

    NIkki Sixx in one of his many Junker jackets
  15. Portfolio Gallery Gallery

    Dimmu Borgir, head to evil toe in Junker
  16. Portfolio Gallery Gallery

    Giuliana, Erin, Steven Tyler and Tod at Hard Rock Junker Fashion Show
  17. Portfolio Gallery Gallery

    Cristina Scabbia in red Junker dress
  18. Portfolio Gallery Gallery

    Giuliana and Tod, Junker's evil masterminds
  19. Portfolio Gallery Gallery

    Steven Tyler in Junker Pants
  20. Portfolio Gallery Gallery

    Juliette Lewis in Junker capelet
  21. Portfolio Gallery Gallery

    Margaret Cho in Junker jeans

Profile Gallery

  1. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Tracy Morgan in Junker jacket on the Tonight Show
  2. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Sheri in custom Junker belly dance skirt and top
  3. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Junker army trench, for all your bushwacking needs
  4. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Robert Rodriguez in Junker jacket
  5. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Steven in hand beaded suede Junker Coat
  6. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Kestrin in Junkerfied dress
  7. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Johnny Depp in Junker jacket at Pirates premier. yum.
  8. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Steven in Junker PurpleSparklemotionExtravaganza Pants
  9. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Slash and Perla in head to toe Junker at the MTV VMA's
  10. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Boots Riley of Street Sweeper Social Club Kung Fu fighting at Coachella in our pants
  11. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Kimberly Kane in Junker Gown
  12. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Alice Cooper hosting Junker fashion show
  13. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Juliette Lewis in Junker capelet
  14. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Tricia Helfer in Maxim donning a Junker mini shrug
  15. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Giuliana, Thurston and Tod, the good people (and cat) of JUNKER
  16. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Bill from Tokio Hotel in Junker
  17. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Shagrath of Dimmu Borgir in Junker
  18. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Lux in Junker human jaw bone bustle dress
  19. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Jesse in Junker jacket and short short shorts
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"Wear it loud!"
I am a: Woman
Relationship Status: Single
Seeking: Networking
Age: 50
City: Los Angeles, CA
Country: United States
Number of Views: 8,275
Professional Info
My Business Name: JUNKER DESIGNS
City: Los Angeles, CA, 90021, United States
My Profession: Fashion Design
About my work:
At Junker, we make everything with our grubby paws. We're from Texas and Florida, but live in L.A. We overdye, paint, mutate, bury or bleed on every piece. Our clothes are all one of a kind, made from denim, leather, and whatever we can get our hands on.

Junker is a car wreck -- what's left is here for the taking.
Past Clients and Projects include:
Steven Tyler, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pink, The Backyard Babies, Dimmu Borgir, Slipknot, Christina Aguilera, Alice Cooper, the list goes on...
Official Junker Website: Click Here
Facebook Page: Click Here


Junker Designs

  |   Los Angeles, CA United States


LALALAND Los Angeles

artist,jewelry designer
pico rivera

Freelance Artist
San Francisco

Jewelry Artist
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junkerdesigns birthday today!,
3:30am, Jan 28
junkerdesigns birthday today!,
3:30am, Jan 28
junkerdesigns birthday today!,
3:30am, Jan 28
junkerdesigns birthday today!,
3:30am, Jan 28
junkerdesigns birthday today!,
3:30am, Jan 28
junkerdesigns birthday today!,
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junkerdesigns birthday today!,
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