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Updated 8:54am, Jan 02
jlroberson has just finished his 6th painting since September.

John Linton Roberson-Portfolio

Images by John Linton Roberson
  1. John Linton Roberson-Portfolio Gallery

    LULU, print 2.01, But Lulu Shot Him Instead, depicting scene from Frank Wedekind's PANDORA'S BOX. Pencil and digital, 2013.
  2. John Linton Roberson-Portfolio Gallery

    LULU, print 2.05, He Was Always a Coward., depicting scene from Frank Wedekind's ERDGEIST. Pencil and digital, 2013.
  3. John Linton Roberson-Portfolio Gallery

    LULU page 17. Ink with grey wash and chalk, with digital enhancements.
  4. John Linton Roberson-Portfolio Gallery

    LULU Book 1 front & back cover design, March 2013
  5. John Linton Roberson-Portfolio Gallery

    Page 1, wordless adaptation of the song Strange Fruit, GRAPHIC CANON Vol. 4, done 2012, to be published 2013
  6. John Linton Roberson-Portfolio Gallery

    cover illustration for novel by Robert Leitz, 2013
  7. John Linton Roberson-Portfolio Gallery

    Illustration for novel by Robert Leitz, 2013
  8. John Linton Roberson-Portfolio Gallery

    Pitch handout done for Main Street Properties, Lafayette. 2013
  9. John Linton Roberson-Portfolio Gallery

    Spirolab, for client HD+. Caricature of CEO for award certificate. 4/2013.
  10. John Linton Roberson-Portfolio Gallery

    West Coast Prints, t-shirt graphic for ONE PURPOSE CLOTHING, March 2013.
  11. John Linton Roberson-Portfolio Gallery

    Titus Andronicus, Winter 2003, Theatre O' the Absurd, Chicago. Poster.
  12. John Linton Roberson-Portfolio Gallery

    Bottomless Studio logo, 2010
  13. John Linton Roberson-Portfolio Gallery

    Shriek-- JOURNEY Magazine, April 2009. Illustration for David Volk's column.
  14. John Linton Roberson-Portfolio Gallery

    Shove-- JOURNEY Magazine, December 2008. Illustration for David Volk's column.
  15. John Linton Roberson-Portfolio Gallery

    Baggage Boy-- JOURNEY Magazine, February 2009. Illustration for David Volk's column.
  16. John Linton Roberson-Portfolio Gallery

    VLADRUSHKA, To Revolt Is Glamorous, promotional graphic 2010
  17. John Linton Roberson-Portfolio Gallery

    SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF(play), first print edition cover design, 2011.
  18. John Linton Roberson-Portfolio Gallery

    Harriet Baskas-- JOURNEY Magazine, April 2009. Author bio illustration.
  19. John Linton Roberson-Portfolio Gallery

    Eric Lucas-- JOURNEY Magazine, April 2009. Author bio illustration.
  20. John Linton Roberson-Portfolio Gallery

    Leslie Forberg-- JOURNEY Magazine, April 2009. Author bio illustration
  21. John Linton Roberson-Portfolio Gallery

    Crai Bower-- JOURNEY Magazine, April 2009. Author bio illustration.
  22. John Linton Roberson-Portfolio Gallery

    Allen Cox-- JOURNEY Magazine, April 2009. Author bio illustration.
  23. John Linton Roberson-Portfolio Gallery

    Illustration for CS DeWildt's short story Just One Look, June 11 2012 at
  24. John Linton Roberson-Portfolio Gallery

    The Power of Visual Communication, Summer 2007, Sign Yes Pro, Chicago. Advertisement.
  25. John Linton Roberson-Portfolio Gallery

    Dick Cheney's Safe, 2007. Editorial cartoon.
  26. John Linton Roberson-Portfolio Gallery

    MARTHA (2010). Graphic novella, cover.
  27. John Linton Roberson-Portfolio Gallery

    Photon Magazine, 2009. Editorial cartoon.

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Personal Info
"Creator of LULU, THIS SICKNESS and more."
I am a: Man
Seeking: Networking, Friends
Education: Some College
City: Oakland, CA
Country: United States
Profession: Cartoonist, illustrator, writer, desktop publisher
Number of Views: 12,320
Professional Info
My Business Name: John Linton Roberson
Oakland, CA
Phone: 206-552-9769
City: Oakland, CA, 94605, United States
My Profession: Illustration
About my work:
John Linton Roberson has been an independent cartoonist, writer, and illustrator for over 25 years, and has produced 22 publications as Bottomless Studio since 1998. Most recently the lush anthology of comics, art, poetry and prose THIS SICKNESS #8, featuring 100 pages by 8 creators, including a new cover by Molly Kiely, available at Amazon in print and kindle.

He is the adapter of Frank Wedekind's Lulu (Book 1 available at Amazon & Comixology), the creator of Martha, Vladrushka, and Suzy Spreadwell, among others, and the co-creator (with John E. Williams) of Uncle Cyrus. In addition he has also been published by Journey Magazine, Fantagraphics Books, Seven Stories Press and Martian Lit.

Pages from his Lulu were exhibited in Munich's Deutsches Theatremuseum as part of their 2014 Frank Wedekind retrospective. Occasionally he is heard, usually at length, on Tim Young's Deconstructing Comics podcast.

Online you can find him at
Past Clients and Projects include:

THIS SICKNESS vol. 2 #8 (ISBN 1523626968)
Anthology published by Bottomless Studio
January 2016
Editor, publisher, publication design/set-up for print & digital, and contributed 60 pages of content.
Anthology of eight creators, encompassing comics, fine art, fiction, poetry & illustration. 100 pages.

"Memoir of a King" a novel by Robert Leitz
Berkeley, CA
September -November 2013
Private illustration commission for Mr. Leitz, the author. Contributed ten black & white illustrations and a color cover.

Piedmont, CA
April 2013
Illustrator/Graphic designer (freelance)
Project: Portrait illustration for HD+ CEO for award certificate.

LULU Book 1 (ISBN 1481949756)
Graphic novel published by Bottomless Studio
March 2013
Adaptation in writing & art, all interiors & cover, publication design & set-up for print & digital. 75 pages.

West Coast Prints
San Jose, CA
March 2013
Graphic designer (freelance)
Design and editing of images for t-shirts and other screenprinted items.

Olofson Environmental
Berkeley, CA
September 2012-February 2013
Office manager/proofreader/editing assistant
Proofreading and editing of annual and other reports, website updating, PDF design.

Seven Stories Press
The Graphic Canon Vol. 3
February-March 2012
"Strange Fruit", three-page full color adaptation of Billie Holiday song. (published 2013)
June 2012
Illustrator (freelance)
Illustrated "Just One Look," short story by C.W. DeWildt

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Communications department
Seattle, WA
July-December 2010
Interim program assistant
Photo cataloging, research, modification; presentation/graphics design.
Journey Magazine
AAA Washington
Bellevue, WA
November 2008-April 2009
Regular illustrator for humorist David Volk's column, and other pieces. Sole illustrator for bimonthly publication.
Sign Yes Pro
Chicago, IL
June 2007
Graphic Designer
Graphic design, illustration and production for print of local sign co. advertisement.
Fantagraphics Books Inc.
Seattle, WA
August 2003-November 2006
Wrote and drew four stories for publisher and designed covers.
Theater O' The Absurd
Chicago, IL
November 2002-July 2004


May-July 2004
"Suspension of Disbelief" (play)
Author/Director/Promotional Designer
Board of Directors (Member)

November 2002-February 2003
Shakespeare's "Titus Andronicus" (play)
Historical Researcher
Graphic/Promotional Designer
Poster/promo/website design.
Unbound Comics
Chicago, IL
May-November 2002
Publisher, Editor, Designer, Contributor
"Working For the Man" Graphic anthology (benefit), 125 pages, 28 contributors. Illustrated 3 stories in pen, ink & digital; editing and publication design.
Note: First e-book comics anthology ever published.
San Francisco, CA
Drew monthly strip "Slash & Burn."
Bottomless Studio
August 1997-Present
Publisher/ Editor
Print, web design, content and administration. My self-publishing imprint.

Writer/artist/publication designer
Graphic novella.
"This Sickness"
April 2008-Present
Quarterly comics anthology.
Quarterly comics anthology. Eight issues published
"Vitriol" 1998-2003
Graphic novel serialized in 12 chapters in Plastic.


"Wedekinds Welt: Theatre, Art Provokation"
Deutsches Theatremuseum
Munich, Germany
July -September 2014

The Robert Daniel Gallery
Tacoma, Washington
June 2009
LULU Book 1, adaptation of Frank Wedekind's LULU tragedies, available at Amazon and Comixology.: Click Here
In-depth interview on my comics career(in 2 parts) by Julian Darius at Sequart: Click Here
THIS SICKNESS 8, new release available at Amazon & Google Play!: Click Here


John Roberson

Cartoonist, illustrator, writer, desktop publisher  |   Oakland, CA United States


Van Nuys



Artist/ Art Teacher


3:30am, Jan 22
jlroberson birthday today!,
8:54am, Jan 02
jlroberson has just finished his 6th painting since September.
3:30am, Jan 22
jlroberson birthday today!,
3:30am, Jan 22
jlroberson birthday today!,
8:56pm, Mar 09
jlroberson is deliriously happy because of this picture the legendary actress Stefania Casini, inspiration for his design of Wedekind's LULU, sent him
1:47am, Feb 26
jlroberson just uploaded new portfolio images, click here to view
1:09am, Feb 26
jlroberson Just released the most gorgeous anthology of 2016, THIS SICKNESS #8, featuring me and 7 other creators, including an incredible cover by Molly Kiely! Get it at Amazon here:
3:30am, Jan 22
jlroberson birthday today!,
3:30am, Jan 22
jlroberson birthday today!,
3:30am, Jan 22
jlroberson birthday today!,
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