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Updated 12:56pm, Aug 30
512artist can't wait to see how the peace project comes together, it's going to be beautiful :)

Abstract 2010

  1. Abstract 2010 Gallery

    Yellow Triptych
  2. Abstract 2010 Gallery

    Sweet Demure
  3. Abstract 2010 Gallery

  4. Abstract 2010 Gallery

    How to see the Sunrise
  5. Abstract 2010 Gallery

    The Prescience of Dawn
  6. Abstract 2010 Gallery

  7. Abstract 2010 Gallery

    Lady in Warm Colors

Painting Shoot


Fall 2010 paintings


Former Student's Projects

  1. Former Student's Projects Gallery

    One of my former students watercolor paintings. Alex, age 6.
  2. Former Student's Projects Gallery

    Group project, ages 5-14
  3. Former Student's Projects Gallery

    plaster bugs... in the making
  4. Former Student's Projects Gallery

    complete plaster spidey- Emma, age 10
  5. Former Student's Projects Gallery

    Austin- Ten Times the Fun Summer mural.
  6. Former Student's Projects Gallery

    Sweet Hasen's water color owl. Age 6
  7. Former Student's Projects Gallery

    Paulina's water color Owl, age 6
  8. Former Student's Projects Gallery

    Rebecca's water color ice cream painting- age 6
  9. Former Student's Projects Gallery

    Clay hearts coming out of the Kiln for Valentines day 2010
  10. Former Student's Projects Gallery

    Love Bugs
  11. Former Student's Projects Gallery

    Swing into Spring
  12. Former Student's Projects Gallery

    Sorry letter :)
  13. Former Student's Projects Gallery

    from little Emma.

In Peace we win

As adults, we take on challenges throughout our daily lives- some that become more difficult as the week goes on (even something as simple as, say- cross word puzzles & Sudoku in the local paper) Out of things that we make a point to achieve each day, one of those things is seldom peace. It is easier for us to look to peace as a goal when there is a catastrophe, terrorist attack, or full blown war. The simplicity in the painting though comes from the idea that peace should be an everyday practice. And to be peaceful with ourselves and with our world- It only takes practice sometimes the journey becomes more difficult, and there are wrong turns to be had- but peace is never worth giving up. Most importantly, the more you challenge yourself with the idea, the more tangible it becomes.
  1. In Peace we win Gallery

    Peace dove detail
  2. In Peace we win Gallery

    My Peace Project: In Peace We Win
  3. In Peace we win Gallery

    world detail
  4. In Peace we win Gallery

    peace sign detail

Things I'm working on


Winter 2011

  1. Winter 2011 Gallery

    first painting of 2011
  2. Winter 2011 Gallery

    and i signed the custom mat with 2010
  3. Winter 2011 Gallery

    upcycled vinyl record, painted, melted, and molded into a bowl
  4. Winter 2011 Gallery

    36x36 acrylic painting.
  5. Winter 2011 Gallery

    upcycled color vinyl record, melted, and molded into a bowl
  6. Winter 2011 Gallery

    upcycled vinyl record, painted, melted, and molded into a bowl


  1. Family Gallery

    Stella, my niece
  2. Family Gallery

  3. Family Gallery

    Stella & I
  4. Family Gallery

    Junebug, my other niece- enjoying some gelato
  5. Family Gallery

    June & I on a train ride
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Personal Info
"Life by the drop"
I am a: Woman
Relationship Status: Single
Seeking: Networking
Education: Some College
City: Austin, TX
Country: United States
My Causes:
I believe in
The power of positivity!
How I would make this world a better place
more opportunity and less hostility.
Number of Views: 3,115
Professional Info
My Business Name: Tara Carr
Phone: 512.663.3215
City: Austin, TX, 78745, United States
My Profession: Art
About my work:
All of my pieces begin impulsively and in haste. Most of them will ultimately take weeks to finish depending on how they evolve, but a select few come from a whim of inspiration over one evening. I paint until each layer works together harmoniously, creating the perfect combination of color, composition, movement and visual impact. My love for color plays a big part in what inspires me to paint abstractly. Through the use of color and developed techniques of abstract painting- my purpose is to create pieces that evoke emotion and fill spaces with energy.
Past Clients and Projects include:
Featured Artist in "A Swingin' Trio" a FilmKZP Productions 2011

Artworks donated to Silent Auctions for

Make a Wish Foundation/The Children's Courtyard (2008-2009)

Crew Network Austin (2007-2010)

Family of Clients:

Marilyne & David Boutrouche

Meredith Snyder

Kelvin & Carla Jackson


  |   Austin, TX United States


Multi-media Artist



Freelance Artist
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512artist birthday today!,
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512artist birthday today!,
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512artist birthday today!,
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512artist birthday today!,
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