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WolfGomez just submitted this entry to The Peace Project's International Call-for-Artists. Check it out and do your art for Peace.

A Living Ritual

  1. A Living Ritual Gallery

    The Phoenix Rises Mixed Media 16 x 20
  2. A Living Ritual Gallery

    The Spark That Break Away Mixed Media 20 x 24
  3. A Living Ritual Gallery

    Waiting For the Tides Mixed Media 16 x 20
  4. A Living Ritual Gallery

    Dare Crossing Mixed Media 16 x 20
  5. A Living Ritual Gallery

    Moko Strutting the Storm Mixed Media 16 x 20
  6. A Living Ritual Gallery

    Steppin In Mixed Media 16 x 20
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Personal Info
"Be the change you want to see in the world."
I am a: Woman
Relationship Status: Married
Seeking: Networking
Education: Master's Degree
City: San Francisco, CA
Country: United States
Profession: Mixed Media Artist Business Owner
My Causes:
I believe in
I believe that ART has the potential to shift attitudes and promote understanding for cultural interconnectivity to exist and in so doing create a platform for peace to thrive. I believe in the power of the mind to form visions of well being and the power of an open heart to be motivated to create it. I believe in children, in dreaming and in laughter...and the list goes on.
How I would make this world a better place
Make more art. Take direct action to ensure that the message and concepts in my art inspires and motivates as many people as possible to act from a positive mindset towards beneficial outcomes. Donate my time, resources, money and network to help causes that I believe in.
Who and what I'm looking for
Resonance, Connecting with like minds around the power of art and with artists to create positive change and to enjoy the process of doing so. Collaborators, synergy and FUN!
Number of Views: 3,167
Professional Info
My Business Name: imageMind Art
City: San Francisco, CA, 94114, United States
My Profession: Art
About my work:
Wolf Gomez is an innovative mixed-media artist and explorer who is passionate about transforming environments and shifting attitudes and perceptions with art. In the current series "A Living Ritual" the Caribbean born Californian artist explores the concept of transition through images of festivals. Wolf ingeniously bridges the worlds of culture, photography and painting.

Wolf has been professionally active in the San Francisco Bay Area and the LA art industry for over 25 years, resulting in an expansive body of work that includes painting, mixed media collage, photography and writing. Her extensive education includes a BFA from California College of the Arts and a BA minor in Creative Arts Therapy. With her dedication to personal and academic growth she later accomplished an MA in Arts Education & Digital Technologies from San Francisco State University.

Gifted at inspiring others to exceed their creative goals, Wolf has been an artist educator for underserved youth in the SF Mission Voices Summer Arts Program and has served on the Board of Directors for the SF Southern Exposure Gallery. Highlighted exhibitions have been in San Francisco, Hawaii, Los Angeles and Trinidad & Tobago with her private art collectors in the USA, Spain and London.

Wolf creates art that ignites cultural awareness and highlights the richness of our inter-connectedness in rituals and festivals of the world. Blurring the edges of paint and photography the artist highlights the experience of "In Between" an embodiment of ethnic and cultural fluidity while in transition. A champion of healthy creative change, her artwork sparks the courage to look past the familiar and step into expansive visions of new possibilities.
Past Clients and Projects include:
Selected Exhibitions:

Invent Your Future Conference Art Affair- March 2013

Studio Five08 Santa Monica CA June 2013

Art Explosion Spring SF CA March 2012
AB Images Beverly HIlls (Solo) CA May 2012
ImageMInd Open Studio SF CA Oct 2012
International Women's Forum Art Market SF CA Oct 2012
ARC Studio "Masqurade" Juried Group Show SF CA Oct 2012
CalCon Mutual Corporate Gallery Launch (Solo) SF CA Oct 2012

2011 ArtSpan- Fall Open Studio 2011 SF, CA
S. Roldan Art Space (New Works) SF, CA
Art Explosion- Spring Open Studio 2011 SF, CA
Art Explosion- Fall Art Crawl SF, CA

2010 Arriba Lobby Gallery, Santa Clara CA (solo)
ArtSpan 35th Annual SF Open Studio - ImageMind Studio (solo)

2005- 2009 Commissioned work for private collectors

2005 SF Arts Commission Gallery, SF CA - In Passing
Artwork published book In Passing by Todd Herman

2000 Private Collector, LA CA- Greek Architectural Mural ��" Large Exterior (Solo)
Siddha Ashram, Oak CA- Mural Temple Arc for Guru Mai's chair (Solo)

1999 Action Space Gallery, LA CA ��" Mid Summer Art
Tides Center Gallery, SF CA - Retro Ten (Solo Show)

1997 Southern Exposure Gallery, SF CA ��" Mission Voices

1994 The Lab Art-Space, SF CA ��" Do You Fit (Solo Installation)
Artist Television Access (ATA) SF CA ��" Family Inc.

1992 Spectrum Gallery, SF CA ��" Angels (SF Juried Show)
The Bearded Lady, SF CA ��" Two Caribbean Women
1800 Square Feet Gallery, SF CA ��" New Artists, New Work
Bay Area Artisan's Gallery, Tiburon CA ��" (Featured Artist)

1990 Fobbo Gallery, SF CA ��"Third Annual Group Exhibition
Open Studios, SF CA ��" Current Oils & mixed media
Dan's Art Gallery Maui Hawaii ��" 3 Contemporary Artists
The Upstairs Gallery, Maui Hawaii ��" Salon Des Refuses

1989 The Old Jail House Gallery, Maui Hawaii ��" The Island Group
The Alligator Gallery SF, CA ��" Caribbean in the Bay
The Western Addition, SF CA ��" Annual Juried Show
Pro Arts Open Studio, SF CA ��" Current Oils on Canvas

1988 Fobbo Gallery, SF CA ��" Melee (2 Artist's New Works)
1234 Gallery, POS Trinidad ��" '3 Voices '

1986 Out of the Sterile Theatre, Oakland CA ��" (Solo New Works )
1985 Percy West Gallery, Oakland CA ��" Juried Group Show
1981 Scotia Bank Corp Galleries, POS Trinidad- "Disappearing Island" Series Republic Bank Arts Lobby, POS Trinidad- "Disappearing Island" Series

Awards & Grants:

2010 The Tao Fund SF, CA 'My Seat of Power' workshop
1997 Southern Exposure 'Mission Voices Summer Arts Program' SF, CA

MA ��" Digital Arts Technology & Education ��" 1995
SF State University, San Francisco CA

BFA ��" Fine Arts & Art Therapy (Double major)
California College of the Arts Oakland, CA

Media Events and Publications:

Artwork published in book In Passing ��" by Todd Herman, SF CA ��" 2005
The SF Sentinel News (article), SF CA - November 1998
The Bay times (article), SF CA ��" September 1992
The Maui News (article), Maui HI - June 1990
The Express News (article), POS Trinidad ��" April 1988

Telecast: Channel 7 News, SF CA - 1997
Solo Interview with Belvedere Davis re: Mission Voices ��"Seats of Power

Telecast: TTT Network Channel 2 News, Trinidad- 1988
Interview with Chris Pinheiro on '3 Voices' exhibit- Historically the 1st women only contemporary art show in the country (Trinidad).


Wolf Gomez

Mixed Media Artist Business Owner  |   San Francisco, CA United States


Chief of Everything Else
Los Angeles

Culver City

Los Angeles


Culver City
3:30am, May 16
WolfGomez birthday today!,
3:30am, May 16
WolfGomez birthday today!,
3:30am, May 16
WolfGomez birthday today!,
3:30am, May 16
WolfGomez birthday today!,
2:19pm, Mar 03
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WolfGomez Riding The Wave of Peace Home The wave of peace is already surging upon our shore. Peace begins when we believe in its existence and act upon it as if it is a solid reality. Peace begins when we tell a different story about peace possibilities.
12:02am, Sep 09
3:30am, May 16
WolfGomez birthday today!,
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