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Mixed media
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Personal Info
"I paint because I don't have time to get depressed."
I am a: Woman
Relationship Status: Married
Seeking: Networking
Age: 60
Education: College Degree
City: Chemainus, BC
Country: Canada
Profession: Artist
My Causes:
Number of Views: 667
Professional Info
Chemainus, BC Canada
City: Chemainus, BC, Canada
My Profession: Painting & Drawing
About my work:
I was raised in an emotionally charged environment where words where not used effectively to express feelings. My current work is a reflection of my need to express myself in the abstract. Creating art for me is not always about creating recognizable images, but expressing feelings in texture and colour. My work is layered with various media, starting with gesso on either canvas, cradled board, or paper. I then use layers of watercolour, acrylics, gouache and metallic paints sometimes adding other elements like rocks, crystals, and metal leaf. The process of creating is therapeutic to me as well as satisfying. My work reflects the innate need to create, to say something about how we feel about the world that words cannot.

Christine A. Allan, born in Winnipeg Manitoba in 1957, moved to Vancouver BC in the 60's, and has lived in a number of BC communities with her RCMP husband and two children. She studied Archaeology and Art History at Simon Fraser University and Fine Art at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, but feels her real art education began while living and learning in a remote Native Indian community on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

Whether it is creating art, or studying art history, art and music have played an important role in her life. Through art she has overcome many obstacles and encourages others to do the same. Her work is inspired by her studies in art history and her respect and love of the nature.
Past Clients and Projects include:
Internationals sales and exhibits


Christine A. Allan

Artist  |   Chemainus, BC Canada


Los Angeles


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Culver City

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3:30am, Mar 22
christineallan birthday today!,
3:30am, Mar 22
christineallan birthday today!,
3:30am, Mar 22
christineallan birthday today!,
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3:30am, Mar 22
christineallan birthday today!,
6:10pm, Feb 11
christineallan New art work at Percentage of sales going to environmental causes.
3:02pm, Jul 16
christineallan Christine Allan is a mixed media artist from the West Coast of Canada. She donates a % of sales to charities such as the WWF.
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