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Updated 11:12am, Dec 10
kaiart EXHIBIT HELD OVER THROUGH DECEMBER! @Arclight Sherman Oaks: The Hand-Painted Art Of Aaron Kai.


Hand-illustrated art.
  1. Portfolio Gallery

    FREAK 16 x 21 Acrylic on board. Hand-painted
  2. Portfolio Gallery

    ''BLADE RUNNER'' 20 x 28 Acrylic on board. Hand-painted
  3. Portfolio Gallery

    ''BLADE RUNNER 2007'' Revision of original painting for JVAFF 25th Anniversary celebration of the motion-picture. BLADE RUNNER: The Final Cut.
  4. Portfolio Gallery

    ''SCARFACES'' 21 X 32 Acrylic on board. Hand-painted
  5. Portfolio Gallery

    ''WRATH OF THE DIRTY'' 21 X 35 Oil on board. Hand-painted.
  6. Portfolio Gallery

    ''LOVE NEVER DIES'' 25 x 34 Oil on board. Hand-painted.
  7. Portfolio Gallery

    The Bride. Oil on board. Hand-painted
  8. Portfolio Gallery

    The Monster. Oil on board. Hand-painted
  9. Portfolio Gallery

    EVERYBODY BE COOL 4ft x 6ft. Oil on canvas. Hand-painted
  10. Portfolio Gallery

    THE AIR OF JORDAN Pinball Machine Art created for the Michael Jordan Foundation. 40 x 50 Acrylic on board.
  11. Portfolio Gallery

    ''MEAN MACHINE'' 40 X 50 Oil on canvas. Hand-painted
  12. Portfolio Gallery

    PENCILLED TERMINATION 18 x 20 Pencil on illustration bd.
  13. Portfolio Gallery

    DRAGON Oils on leather. Hand-painted[add caption]
  14. Portfolio Gallery

    ''SIN CITY'' -Oils on leather. Hand-painted
  15. Portfolio Gallery

    Detail 2 from ''SIN CITY''. Oils on leather. Hand-painted
  16. Portfolio Gallery

    Detail 3 from ''SIN CITY''. Oils on leather. Hand-painted
  17. Portfolio Gallery

    SIN CITY Right lapel detail
  18. Portfolio Gallery

    SIN CITY Left lapel detail
  19. Portfolio Gallery

    SIN CITY Back view
  20. Portfolio Gallery

    ALIENS Oils on leather. Hand-painted
  21. Portfolio Gallery

    ALIENS Back view
  22. Portfolio Gallery

    ALIENS Jacket & EVERYBODY BE COOL Oils on canvas 4' x 6'
  23. Portfolio Gallery

    FACING OFF Pencil
  24. Portfolio Gallery

    STATHAM Pencil comp sketch.
  25. Portfolio Gallery

    LEON Pencil
  26. Portfolio Gallery

    GQ magazine write-up.
  27. Portfolio Gallery

    The Artist in an H.R. Giger-design chair and donning the ALIENS jacket.

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Personal Info
"Create who you are."
I am a: Man
Education: College Degree
City: Los Angeles, CA
Country: United States
Profession: Pro Artist/Illustrator
I believe in
Hard work = Harder play.
Number of Views: 4,546
Professional Info
My Business Name: Kai Art
Los Angeles, CA
Phone: (732) 841-6277
City: Los Angeles, CA, 90034, United States
My Profession: Art
About my work:
Aaron Kai's meticulously executed, photorealistic film-inspired artwork has been featured globally from Hollywood to Tokyo to commemorate high-profile landmark events including Blade Runner: The Final Cut 25™ Anniversary, the Bette Davis Centennial, and the Jules Verne Film Festival.
GQ magazine hailed him "The Da Vinci of leather-jacket art," for his custom hand-painted Kai Artwear line -- his garments have been donned by celebrated singers Sade and En Vogue, movie-fx masters H.R. Giger and Stan Winston, and iconic director James Cameron.
Though his early career was in New York via the high fashion industry as an illustrator for Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, Kai has always drawn inspiration from the movies. He relocated to L.A., set up a home studio, and success followed with feature film poster design, commissions, and his passion projects including cinematic collages in oils and acrylics. Prominent collectors of his works include Ridley Scott, Harrison Ford, and Clint Eastwood.
Kai continues to accept assignments for canvas and garments, creates film advertising art, and presents his displays at special events and pop-culture conventions such as San Diego Comic-Con. His inspirations are now playing in theaters everywhere.
"Life... is in the details." -- AK
Past Clients and Projects include:
Pepsi-Cola, Polo Ralph Lauren, Sara Lee, Capitol Records, Calvin Klein, Gap Inc., Sega, New Millennium Studios and numerous others. Art honored and used in collaboration with the 25th Anniversary celebration of the motion-picture: "Blade Runner: The Final Cut". Private collectors (Partial listing): Ridley Scott, Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Sean Young, Douglas Trumbull, Rutger Hauer, Syd Mead, Jason Elkin, Katherine Haber, Tim Reid, James Hong.

Created the movie poster, dvd, and book cover for the motion-picture: "ASUNDER", directed by Tim Reid.

Supplied original paintings from collection as background art for the motion-picture "DECOMPOSING TONY MASLOW".
Click on "STROKE: The Art Of Kai" to view documentary teaser-trailer.: Click Here


Aaron Kai

Pro Artist/Illustrator  |   Los Angeles, CA United States


Illustrator. Designer. Artist.
Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Artist, Writer, Author, Chef Whisperer
In the beautiful neighborhood
3:30am, Jul 17
kaiart birthday today!,
3:30am, Jul 17
kaiart birthday today!,
3:30am, Jul 17
kaiart birthday today!,
3:30am, Jul 17
kaiart birthday today!,
11:12am, Dec 10
kaiart EXHIBIT HELD OVER THROUGH DECEMBER! @Arclight Sherman Oaks: The Hand-Painted Art Of Aaron Kai.
5:24pm, Aug 15
kaiart EXHIBIT HELD-OVER THROUGH SEPTEMBER! @Arclight Cinemas Sherman Oaks: The Hand-Painted Art of Aaron Kai.
3:30am, Jul 17
kaiart birthday today!,
10:19am, Jul 11
kaiart is currently exhibiting in the Arclight Cinemas at Sherman Oaks Galleria thru August 14th.
9:33pm, Jun 25
kaiart is preparing for my opening night art exhibit at Arclight Cinemas in Sherman Oaks Thursday June 27th 7-10pm . Open to the public.
12:37pm, Apr 18
kaiart just uploaded new portfolio images, click here to view
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