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Updated 3:58pm, Aug 06
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The exploration of the sacred feminine.
  1. Shakti Gallery

    Shakti - 2011, Acrylic, Oil, Pencil, Pastels, Fierce Love, Marker, Canvas, 40 x40inches -Sold
  2. Shakti Gallery

    Sacred Thread - 2011, Oil, Deep Space, Canvas, 40 x 40inches
  3. Shakti Gallery

    Her Embrace - 2011, Oil, Pastels, Marker, Mantra,Compassion,Canvas, 40 x 40 inches
  4. Shakti Gallery

    Invocation - 2011, Oil, Pastels,Marker, Sacred Feminine, Canvas, 40 x 40 inches
  5. Shakti Gallery

    Sa' Ham : She Resides Within- 2011, Oil, Marker, Pastels,Canvas, 12 x40 inches
  6. Shakti Gallery

    Dancing Yogini : From The Inside Out - 2011, Acrylic,Oil,Transformation,Canvas, 24 x 48 inches


All Work including: Nature Series- Study of nature and emotion Chromatherapy Series - Study of color, emotion and abstraction. Whimsey Series - Study of nature and letting go.
  1. Chromatherapy Gallery

    Swimming Love 2009 - Sold
  2. Chromatherapy Gallery

    Buddha's Peace 2009- Sold
  3. Chromatherapy Gallery

    The Break in the Storm 2009- Sold
  4. Chromatherapy Gallery

    Raw Landscape 2009 Silk Voile, Oil, Canvas 24 x 48 inches
  5. Chromatherapy Gallery

    Humble Ocean 2009-Sold
  6. Chromatherapy Gallery

    Letting Go 2009- Sold
  7. Chromatherapy Gallery

    Inspiration 2009 - Sold
  8. Chromatherapy Gallery

    Love 2009- Sold
  9. Chromatherapy Gallery

    Chromatherapy 2009 Acrylic, Pastels, Pencil, Oil on Recycled Wood Panel 3 x 7 feet
  10. Chromatherapy Gallery

    Peak 2010 - Sold
  11. Chromatherapy Gallery

    Healing 2010 Oil, Canvas, Love, Warmth 36 x36 inches- Sold
  12. Chromatherapy Gallery

    Revelation 2010,Oil, Acrylic, Letting Go, Canvas 36x36inches

Kathleen O. Kaller

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Personal Info
"All You Need Is Love"
I am a: Woman
Relationship Status: Married
Seeking: Networking, Friends
Education: College Degree
City: Santa Monica, CA
Country: United States
Profession: Artist
My Causes:
I believe in
Love. Art. Love. Karma. Personal Evolution. Love. The Soul. Soulmates. Teachers. Lessons. Yoga. and Love!
How I would make this world a better place
Love it and the people in it.
Who and what I'm looking for
Gateways into the universe so I can grow as a person and artist for the greater and higher good.
Number of Views: 2,823
Professional Info
My Business Name: Chromatherapy
Santa Monica,CA.
City: Santa Monica, CA, 90405, United States
My Profession: Art
About my work:
A friend once told me �people should do what they love and share it with the world� and the Sufi poet, Rumi once wrote, �Let the beauty we love be what we do�. I cling to these statements because of this truth. There is a reason why I love certain things, people, colors, etc. That attraction plays a role in my life�s path and how I am going to make a difference.

My work is derived from a nostalgic place. I look at elements of my art as remnants of my experiences. It represents memories, emotional scars, conversations, habits, breakthroughs and lessons.

A great influence for my artwork is related to my past summers spent in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I spent a lot of time watching nature and being immersed in oceanic life. I took in countless sunsets, noticed low tides leaving sand formations on the bayside and then being swallowed up by the ocean at high tide. I dripped wet sand into castles, collected driftwood, and sea glass the ocean had formed into soft gems. My process reflects this world. I continue to watch nature and specifically am drawn to the element of water.
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Kathleen Kaller

Artist  |   Santa Monica, CA United States


Culver City

Artist, Illustrator


Los Angeles

Curator / Visual Artist
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