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Updated 1:15pm, Sep 22
lesfromdryden bought a new desktop computer because the old one died.

My profile picture

Just pics of me.
  1. My profile picture Gallery

    Just me in july of 2010.[add caption]


Some are mine, some are not.
  1. Cats Gallery

    Katie[add caption]
  2. Cats Gallery

    Berci...lived to be 18 years old.[add caption]
  3. Cats Gallery

    Barney...a stray that spent four consecutive winters in my barn. Disappeared during the summer months.[add caption]
  4. Cats Gallery

    Red...a feral barn kitten.[add caption]
  5. Cats Gallery indoor cat. She's beautiful and sweet.[add caption]


Photos of my dogs. Most are of my pets, but there might be some other pictures of dogs belonging to family and friends.
  1. Dogs Gallery

    Emma, my Boxer girl.[add caption]
  2. Dogs Gallery

    Emma... ready for her close-up.[add caption]
  3. Dogs Gallery

    Sugar-Rae, my very first Boxer.[add caption]
  4. Dogs Gallery Rottweiler/Bloodhound mix.[add caption]
  5. Dogs Gallery

    Emma in the yard.[add caption]
  6. Dogs Gallery

    Gator, my friend Suzette's puppy.[add caption]
  7. Dogs Gallery

    Harley, my sister's dog.[add caption]

My Favorites

Some of, what I think, are my best photographs ... just a personal opinion.
  1. My Favorites Gallery

    Lone tree in a farmers field one very foggy morning.[add caption]
  2. My Favorites Gallery

    A single daisy in my flowerbed.[add caption]
  3. My Favorites Gallery

    Wild daisies growing in the lawn.[add caption]
  4. My Favorites Gallery

    Easter Lily[add caption]
  5. My Favorites Gallery

    Holly bush.[add caption]
  6. My Favorites Gallery

    1...2...3...4...5...6...7 Deer.[add caption]
  7. My Favorites Gallery

    Baby raccoon, trapped in my barn, released at the Nature Center.[add caption]
  8. My Favorites Gallery

    Snake in the grass.[add caption]
  9. My Favorites Gallery

    My turn![add caption]
  10. My Favorites Gallery

    Hummingbird at night.[add caption]
  11. My Favorites Gallery

    Hummingbird at night II.[add caption]
  12. My Favorites Gallery

    Hummingbird[add caption]
  13. My Favorites Gallery

    Young Swan.[add caption]
  14. My Favorites Gallery

    A Snail.[add caption]
  15. My Favorites Gallery

    Charlie's Nose.[add caption]
  16. My Favorites Gallery

    Chipmunk at the 7 Ponds Nature Center in Dryden, Michigan.[add caption]
  17. My Favorites Gallery

    Grasshopper on my patio.[add caption]
  18. My Favorites Gallery

    Katie ... through the screen.[add caption]
  19. My Favorites Gallery

    Tiger at the Detroit Zoo.[add caption]
  20. My Favorites Gallery

    Detroit Tiger.[add caption]
  21. My Favorites Gallery

    Zebra at the Detroit Zoo.[add caption]
  22. My Favorites Gallery

    Kangaroos at the Detroit Zoo ... G'Day Mate.[add caption]
  23. My Favorites Gallery

    Behind my barn I.[add caption]
  24. My Favorites Gallery

    Behind my barn II.[add caption]
  25. My Favorites Gallery

    Behind my barn III.[add caption]
  26. My Favorites Gallery

    Frog or Toad ... I can't tell.[add caption]
  27. My Favorites Gallery

    Grasshoppers...being naughty or piggyback make the call.[add caption]
  28. My Favorites Gallery

    Vapor trail.[add caption]
  29. My Favorites Gallery

    Cardinal.[add caption]
  30. My Favorites Gallery

    Ittsy Bittsy Spider.[add caption]
  31. My Favorites Gallery

    Grasshopper.[add caption]
  32. My Favorites Gallery

    Baseball.[add caption]
  33. My Favorites Gallery

    One of 800 daffodils I planted.[add caption]
  34. My Favorites Gallery

    Daisy profiles.[add caption]
  35. My Favorites Gallery

    Deer in the woods.[add caption]
  36. My Favorites Gallery

    Dragonfly on a twig.[add caption]
  37. My Favorites Gallery

    A couple of deer.[add caption]
  38. My Favorites Gallery

    My horse, Raese, making snow angels.[add caption]
  39. My Favorites Gallery

    Stones and cones with needles and leaves.[add caption]
  40. My Favorites Gallery

    Saturday morning in July ... view from my garage.[add caption]
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3:30am, Jan 27
lesfromdryden birthday today!,
3:30am, Jan 27
lesfromdryden birthday today!,
3:30am, Jan 27
lesfromdryden birthday today!,
3:30am, Jan 27
lesfromdryden birthday today!,
3:30am, Jan 27
lesfromdryden birthday today!,
3:30am, Jan 27
lesfromdryden birthday today!,
3:30am, Jan 27
lesfromdryden birthday today!,
1:15pm, Sep 22
lesfromdryden bought a new desktop computer because the old one died.
1:30pm, Aug 20
lesfromdryden just uploaded new Profile images,
5:45am, Aug 20
lesfromdryden ... Cruise photos
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