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Nirvana, Acrylics on Canvas, Original Sold, Prints and Giclees available, 40 x 30 Nirvana is defined by Websters Dictionary as paradise, heaven, illusion, fantasy, bliss to name a few. The story behind the title and manifestation of Nirvana is unique, as is every work of art that evolves while I am in the zone, the place I go where no thought exists. Perhaps the zone is the plane between Heaven and Earth. If one could make this zone tangible, that would be part of the inspiration of this work be painting forever under the tree in the time and space of Nirvana would be a blessing realized for this artist. What does your Nirvana feel and look like Could Nirvana be the vibration of the time and space between Heaven and Earth....and so the story will continue with all of you, for without your longing to find your Nirvana there is no story to tell. I thank my daughter Stephanie for naming this painting....I believed it was my Sanctuary until she gasped when first viewing it...she informed me that what I had painted had only one name, and that would be Nirvana...this is how a story continues outside the artist's manifestation of love....I was sold, this title and vision came from pure love. What else but love could exist within the confines of the space between Heaven and Earth. So a path, a bridge to peace has been made tangible. Love & Light Lily
  1. Fusionart Gallery

    On Call, 20 x 24 Acrylics on Canvas
  2. Fusionart Gallery

    Fairies Paradise, 30 x 40 Acrylics on Canvas, ORIGINAL SOLD
  3. Fusionart Gallery

    Edge of Eternity, 40 x 30 Acrylics on Canvas, ORIGINAL SOLD
  4. Fusionart Gallery

    Ancient Rain, 30 X 24 Acrylics on Canvas
  5. Fusionart Gallery

    Nirvana, 40 x 30 Acrylics on Canvas ORIGINAL SOLD
  6. Fusionart Gallery

    Timeless, 36 x 24 Acrylics on Canvas
  7. Fusionart Gallery

    New Moon, 36 x 24 Acrylics on Canvas
  8. Fusionart Gallery

    Iluminata I, 36 x 48 Acrylics on Canvas
  9. Fusionart Gallery

    Illuminata II, 36 X 48 Acrylics on Canvas
  10. Fusionart Gallery

    Heaven Earth Sedona, 20 x 24 ORIGINAL SOLD
  11. Fusionart Gallery

    Call of The Beloved, 30 X 40 Acrylics on Canvas
  12. Fusionart Gallery

    Universal Prayer, 36 x 24 Acrylics on Canvas ORIGINAL SOLD
  13. Fusionart Gallery

    Journey, 30 x 40, Acrylics on Canvas
  14. Fusionart Gallery

    Synchronicity, 30 x 40 Acrylics on Canvas
  15. Fusionart Gallery

    Reality of A Dream, 16 x 20, Acrylics on Canvas
  16. Fusionart Gallery

    Oneness, 48 x 36 Acrylics on Canvas
  17. Fusionart Gallery

    Planet Rising Trilogy 3 panels - Acrylics on Canvas
  18. Fusionart Gallery

    Healing Art Yoga Mats

Functional Art-Yoga Mats

Custom Yoga Mats by Lily Nava were created with the intention to bring the healing art images together with the body for grounding, creating a path to source energy via movement, meditation and whatever form one's healing takes on during this process. It is my hope that the sacred images of my manifestations will lift your spirits, put a smile on your face and remind you of our human desire to pursue health and happiness which, at times, is lost amisdt the chatter of our daily lives. Defined in the more technical sense the term yoga, describes a system of meditation or contemplation with the aim of the cessation of mental activity and the attaining of a supreme state of being. When one manifests and acheives this state the body is believed to become purified by the fire of yoga and is believed to be made free from illness and old age. Namaste. Lily Nava ART HEALS THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING Each Healing Art Yoga Mat is $149 plus tax/shipping, and is designed by Lily using her fine art images. Each mat is a lengthy 24' x 74 and is 1/4 thick for maximum comfort during yoga and exercise. The images shown below are the current product line of Healing Art Yoga Mats available for purchase. Contact Lily Nava Gallery to discuss custom order options of other images in her gallery.
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Personal Info
"Art Heals Thank You for Believing"
I am a: Woman
Relationship Status: Married
Seeking: Networking, Friends
City: Irvine, CA
Country: United States
My Causes:
I believe in
I believe that through creativity walls will come down...and that anything is possible.
How I would make this world a better place
I appreciate every day that I am healthy, I share what I know about a good diet and nutrition with others. I share that arts with others and I colloborate to network like minded people,
Who and what I'm looking for
To inspire and share my love of art with the teach our next generation that this world can be a better place...and to just believe no matter what!
Number of Views: 4,016
Professional Info
My Business Name: Lily Nava Gallery
Phone: 562-201-0549
City: Irvine, CA, 92602, United States
My Profession: Art
About my work:
Lily Nava, Fusionartist and Fine Artist, is a self-taught, accomplished artist known for her use of vibrant colors and fantasy like creations. No thought exists in the zone of her creative space, only the artist and her canvas! Lily is one of the founding artists of Fusionart International of Los Angeles, CA. See Lily is also a member of the Sedona Visual Artists Coalition and the Vegas Artists' Guild. Lily has spent the last several years creating several galleries of one of a kind art work.

Future exhibits are planned for various gallery locations in Las Vegas, NV, California and Arizona.

Please see the artist's website for her upcoming exhibits. Contact Lily in studio at (562) 201-0549, via e-mail at, or online at
Past Clients and Projects include:
Lily Nava Gallery,
Healing Art Yoga Mats
Lily Nava Gallery: Click Here


Lily Nava

  |   Irvine, CA United States




painter, illustrator, musician

Los Angeles


San Diego
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lilynavagallery birthday today!,
3:30am, Dec 09
lilynavagallery birthday today!,
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lilynavagallery birthday today!,
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lilynavagallery birthday today!,
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lilynavagallery birthday today!,
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