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Personal Info
"Living a life of creative adventure."
I am a: Woman
Relationship Status: Married
Seeking: Networking
Education: Some College
City: Playa del Rey, CA
Country: United States
Profession: writer/photographer/singer-songwriter
My Causes:
I believe in
Honesty. Integrity. Candor. Communication. Inspiration. The value in sharing thoughts and emotions. Creativity. Passion. Forgiveness. Our shared humanity. The notion that we are more than our bodies. Taking responsibility for our mental, physical and emotional health. The value of positive, productive thought. Peace. Pacifism. In every conflict there is something to consider on both sides. We are all made of the same stuff. That our environment and everything in it -- animate and inanimate -- are of intrinsic value and require our care and consideration. Music. Dance. Art. Love. Sex. Tolerance. Acceptance. Irreverence. Humor. Silliness. Empathy and compassion. Children. Equality. That life is a journey, an adventure, that may be filled with obstacles and challenges, but has the capacity to be as joyful, exciting and fulfilling as we make it, as we intend, if we stay focused on uplifting, creative, productive, positive energy and thought.
How I would make this world a better place
Make empathy training seminars an essential part of the curriculum of every school from grade school on. Get parents and teachers involved with learning skills to exemplify and model empathy and compassion so that they can be consistent mentors to the children in their midst. With empathy and compassion as a foundation, children grown into adults for whom those notions are like breath -- essential and automatic. This engenders greater acceptance and understanding of others, gives people tools with which to solve problems and conflicts without aggression and violence; creates a cultural atmosphere in which the expectation of taking into account ALL aspects of life -- people, economies, environments, governments, etc. -- is done through a filter of wisdom, commonality and shared perspective. Empathy is the antidote to everything...
Who and what I'm looking for
People with whom to work on creative, positive, exciting projects that utilize my skill set and value what I bring to the table as an artist, a person, and a member of the global community.
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Professional Info
My Business Name: Lorraine Devon Wilke
City: Playa del Rey, CA, 90293, United States
My Profession: Writing
About my work:
I write, I take pictures, I sing; I write songs. I have followed these Muses my entire life. In terms of verifiable accomplishments, my website ( offers a trove of probably more than you'd ever want to know about me, with the bonus of links and lots of fun photos.

The life-story nutshell: after years of rock & roll ('80s, big hair, great bands, incredible music; best time EVER!), a feature I co-wrote (To Cross the Rubicon) was produced by a small indie company in Seattle... it was a small but significant success (starred J.D. Souther, Billy Burke and featured David Crosby) which had some solid impact on my career's forward motion. Shortly after, two other screenplays were awarded by the Hollywood Gateway Screenwriting Competition, and another, The Theory of Almost Everything, was a Top 35 Finalist in the 2012 Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting contest.

Somewhere in the midst of all this cinematic activity I got back into music (songwriting, recording, performing, session singing), leading to the fruition of one of my lifetime goals: to record my own album (Somewhere On the Way). As hoped, it was something I loved doing, am ever-so-proud of, and still listen to today (longer road trips make for great sing-alongs). While I continue working with indie songwriters, I look forward to repeating the album exercise at some point, hopefully before the business of music completely eludes me.

My current life is split between Playa del Rey and Ferndale, CA, and enjoyed with my husband, entertainment/securities attorney, Pete Wilke, and son, environmental engineer/web designer, Dillon Wilke. My time is spent curating and marketing my photography website, which features a wide and varied collection of my fine art photography, as well as my personal blog. I maintain a regular column at The Huffington Post, and write a monthly column for the award-winning northern California newspaper, The Ferndale Enterprise. I have spent the last few years completing my first novel, After the Sucker Punch, a process that has been both personally and professionally transformational. It is currently available at Amazon, as is a recently published short story, "She Tumbled Down." You can visit my Amazon Author page linked below to access both books, and I hope you will! You can also follow my adventures with independent publishing at
My photography website:: Click Here
My author page at Amazon:: Click Here
My blog, Rock+Paper+Music: Click Here


Lorraine Devon Wilke

writer/photographer/singer-songwriter  |   Playa del Rey, CA United States


Palm Springs

Graphic Design / Illustration

Los Angeles


Culver City
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lorrainedevonwilke01 birthday today!,
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lorrainedevonwilke01 birthday today!,
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lorrainedevonwilke01 birthday today!,
3:30am, Mar 28
lorrainedevonwilke01 birthday today!,
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