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Updated 9:55am, Jul 25
malaguenasalerosa is inspired!


  1. Paintings Gallery

    CANTAME LA MALAGUENA, 6x6, oil on stone
  2. Paintings Gallery

    FRIDA, GUARDIAN OF THE ARTS, 24x24, oil on 1913 Vintage panel
  3. Paintings Gallery

    LA SALEROSA, 12x16x2 oil on wood
  4. Paintings Gallery

    LA DIVA, 12x16x2 oil on wood
  5. Paintings Gallery

    LYNCHED RABBITS, 16x12x2 oil on wood
  6. Paintings Gallery

    7 GULA, 24X30X2 oil on wood
  7. Paintings Gallery

    7 ACEDIA/TRISTITIA, 24x30x2 oil on wood
  8. Paintings Gallery

    7 ACEDIA/TRISTITIA, 24x30x2 oil on wood
  9. Paintings Gallery

    7 INVIDA, 24x30x2 oil on wood
  10. Paintings Gallery

    7 INVIDA, 24x30x2 oil on wood
  11. Paintings Gallery

    CANCION SIN FIN, 16x16x2 oil on wood
  12. Paintings Gallery

    I F*CKING LOVE YOU, 6x6 oil on wood
  13. Paintings Gallery

    MAYA LA MARIPOSA, 6x6 oil on wood
  14. Paintings Gallery

    BUTTERFLY, 16x20 oil on wood
  15. Paintings Gallery

    YAGUARA BIRD, 5x7 oil on canvas
  16. Paintings Gallery

    DIA DE LAS MUERTAS, 5x7 oil on canvas
  17. Paintings Gallery

    LA OFRENDA, 5x7 oil on canvas
  18. Paintings Gallery

    CALAVERA, 11X14 oil on wood
  19. Paintings Gallery

    MAYA AZTECA, 11x14 m/m
  20. Paintings Gallery

    QUETZAL, 12x12 acrylic on wood
  21. Paintings Gallery

    YAGUARA, 11x14 oil on wood
  22. Paintings Gallery

    THE MESSENGER, 14x11 oil on wood

Profile Gallery

  1. Profile Gallery Gallery

    7 Acedia/Tristitia
  2. Profile Gallery Gallery

    at ChimMaya gallery
  3. Profile Gallery Gallery

  4. Profile Gallery Gallery


Digital Illustration

  1. Digital Illustration Gallery

    Miss Pinup
  2. Digital Illustration Gallery

    Steal This Clothing Co.
  3. Digital Illustration Gallery

  4. Digital Illustration Gallery

    Dykes Only
  5. Digital Illustration Gallery

    The Last Carrot
  6. Digital Illustration Gallery

    Butterfly Mutation
  7. Digital Illustration Gallery

    Blue Vase Violet
  8. Digital Illustration Gallery

  9. Digital Illustration Gallery

    Japanese Inventions

Graphic Design

  1. Graphic Design Gallery

    THE WHOLE 9, banner
  2. Graphic Design Gallery

    DMD Sound, flyer
  3. Graphic Design Gallery

    Quality Bartending School, logo
  4. Graphic Design Gallery

    Massage Therapist, business card
  5. Graphic Design Gallery

    Massage Therapist, business card
  6. Graphic Design Gallery

    Digital Compositor, business card
  7. Graphic Design Gallery

    Digital Compositor, business card
  8. Graphic Design Gallery

    Pactitle, cd
  9. Graphic Design Gallery

    Input Output, logo
  10. Graphic Design Gallery

    Phonics, book
  11. Graphic Design Gallery

    Phonics, book
  12. Graphic Design Gallery

    Information Design
  13. Graphic Design Gallery

    M.O.C.A, poster
  14. Graphic Design Gallery

    AI Portfolio Show, poster
  15. Graphic Design Gallery

    Letters of Los Angeles, book
  16. Graphic Design Gallery

    Letters of Los Angeles, book
  17. Graphic Design Gallery

    Scratch, logo & cd case
  18. Graphic Design Gallery

    36C, publication cover
  19. Graphic Design Gallery

    36C, publication
  20. Graphic Design Gallery

    Ricos Sin Riqueza, book
  21. Graphic Design Gallery

    Ricos Sin Riqueza, book

Make A Choice (The Peace Project)

With peace, there is always a choice. Here I demonstrate two worlds one symbolizing peace, life, and abundance and the other symbolizing war, destruction, and slavery. It is up to each individual to make positive choices in life in order to feel peace. For the medium, I used graphite manipulated in photoshop.
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Personal Info
"A Little Spiritual, A Little Conceptual, Always Soulful."
I am a: Woman
Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Seeking: Networking
Education: College Degree
City: anywhere, CA
Country: United States
Profession: artist/designer
My Causes:
I believe in
shamanism, spirituality, art, caring for the earth and all its creatures, individuality, music, art, beauty, unity
Who and what I'm looking for
positive creative people who want to network
Number of Views: 3,687
Professional Info
My Business Name: Lorena Rivera
City: anywhere, CA, anywhe, United States
My Profession: Art
About my work:
Inspired by spirituality, music, and film, for Lorena Rivera, art has become the ultimate form of expression, able to convey any idea or emotion across all cultures. Born in 1979 in southern California, Lorena came from humble roots in which hard work, spirituality, and a strong awareness of the world were key to survival. These roots became the core influence of her art. With a musician as a father, she found a love for her Mexican culture and appreciation for all forms of creativity. Her own art became an instrument for finding beauty and strength in all aspects of people and life. Through the use of oils, her paintings capture the detail and depth of her subjects. Focusing mostly on portraits and the human form, she paints each stroke with purpose to reflect the core of the subject, the subtleties within emotions, and the passion for each piece. Some have described her works as reflecting both a dark and light nature. Whatever one might see, she presents the perfect blend of concept, spirituality, culture, and soul.

In 2004, Lorena graduated from The Art Institute of CA - Los Angeles with a B.S. in Graphic Design. Immediately after receiving her degree and working as a freelance graphic artist, she entered the world of film at Pacific Title and Art Studio. Soon, she began creating and animating titles and graphics for several mainstream movies such as "Bridge to Terabithia," "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," and "Transformers." Her works can also be seen in films such as "A Casa De Alice", in which she created the opening logo animation for the Latino film distribution company, FiGa Films. And her other works include her character concepts for the film, "Whisper", main title sequence in "Over Her Dead Body," and title work in "Seraphim Falls."

Now, she is focusing on her true passion. As a self-taught painter, she credits most of her skill to the masters that helped develop her drawing abilities and amazing artists such as George Yepes and Olivia De Berardinis whose beautiful renditions of women have always been an inspiration. With the desire to make her own mark and give back some of the soul that art has given to her, Lorena is dedicating herself to her paintings, continuously progressing and innovating. Her artwork can currently be seen in galleries such as Corazon de Los Angeles, Lunasol, and 423 West gallery.
Past Clients and Projects include:
Las Laguna Gallery
Corazon de Los Angeles at Olvera Street
423 West Gallery
Lunasol Mexican Vintage
East End Studio Gallery
ChimMaya Gallery
KGB Gallery
Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Day of the Dead
Canoga Park, Day of the Dead
The Whole 9
FiGa Films,
logo animation,
featured in "A Casa De Alice"
"Over Her Dead Body,"
"Seraphim Falls"
"Walk Hard"
"Get Smart"
"Blood Diamond"
"The Visiting"
"The Painted Veil"
"88 minutes"
"The Return"
"Harry Potter 3"
"The Brothers Solomon"
"Bridge to Taribithia"
"Black Snake Moan"
"Glory Road"
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Lorena Rivera

artist/designer  |   anywhere, CA United States


hunting for photos.....
Los Angeles

Tattoo Artist/Freelance Artist
Santa Fe


Los Angeles


St. Petersburg
3:30am, Aug 25
malaguenasalerosa birthday today!,
3:30am, Aug 25
malaguenasalerosa birthday today!,
3:30am, Aug 25
malaguenasalerosa birthday today!,
3:30am, Aug 25
malaguenasalerosa birthday today!,
3:30am, Aug 25
malaguenasalerosa birthday today!,
9:55am, Jul 25
malaguenasalerosa is inspired!
8:22am, May 30
malaguenasalerosa is learning that working with certain people to get ahead is just not worth it....
9:58am, May 17
malaguenasalerosa is currently exhibiting at Townley Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA!
9:42am, Feb 20
malaguenasalerosa is working on another commission and looking forward to exhibiting in the upcoming Made in California show at the Brea Gallery
10:43am, Feb 02
malaguenasalerosa is finishing up a commissioned painting of Jerry Garcia
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