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Updated 6:32pm, Nov 17
msrenda is not looking forward to the snow coming.

Enlarged Braille

I have started working on a new series titled, “Enlarged Braille.” This concept came to me while brainstorming for two works of art for the Sensory Circus exhibit in February. One of the required pieces had to focus on just one bodily sense, I chose touch. Every day people use braille in a variety of circumstances. It is very small but helps people out tremendously. I have decided to take that formula of writing onto the canvas with the thought of slightly smaller billboard style braille. Once I created the first one, titled, “touch me” I knew I was not done. Creating these touchable paintings is entrancing. I love that the viewers are then encouraged to feel what I have created.
  1. Enlarged Braille Gallery

    calm (Enlarged Braille)
  2. Enlarged Braille Gallery

    love (Enlarged Braille)
  3. Enlarged Braille Gallery

    peace II (Enlarged Braille)
  4. Enlarged Braille Gallery

    equality (Enlarged Braille)
  5. Enlarged Braille Gallery

    i love you (Enlarged Braille)
  6. Enlarged Braille Gallery

    peace (Enlarged Braille)
  7. Enlarged Braille Gallery

    touch me (Enlarged Braille)

Graphic Design

New projects with Adobe CS5
  1. Graphic Design Gallery

    I designed this the day after the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy. I transformed one of my school projects into a response. With heartfelt sorrow, here it is.
  2. Graphic Design Gallery

    Mystic Folk Opera show pamphlet
  3. Graphic Design Gallery

    Fun with Jimmy
  4. Graphic Design Gallery

    Study of Hallia Studying, mixed media
  5. Graphic Design Gallery

    Business Card, InDesign
  6. Graphic Design Gallery

    Geranium, mixed media
  7. Graphic Design Gallery

    Cover Art for Bouquet of Impatiens by Redbeard Bullrider
  8. Graphic Design Gallery

    Back Cover Art for Bouquet of Impatiens by Redbeard Bullrider
  9. Graphic Design Gallery

    Birdhouses, mixed media
  10. Graphic Design Gallery

  11. Graphic Design Gallery

    Looking at My Love, mixed media


  1. Profile Gallery

    Painting, photographed by Scot Wilson
  2. Profile Gallery

    Postcards sent out before the Mayan Calendar was up. I had so much fun with these, there will be more! Contact me if you wish to receive one.
  3. Profile Gallery

    Ground Level for Exit, mixed media, 18x24
  4. Profile Gallery

    Permanent Solution: The Holidays, acrylic, 18x24, currently at Sage Art Gallery in Haverhill, MA
  5. Profile Gallery

    Push the Envelope, found objects, 8x10 currently at Sage Art Gallery in Haverhill, MA
  6. Profile Gallery

    Anderson Street Works, First Friday in Portland, ME
  7. Profile Gallery

  8. Profile Gallery

    Left Over Sculpture
  9. Profile Gallery

    T.P. basswood and acrylic
  10. Profile Gallery

    Beautiful Simplicity, acrylic
  11. Profile Gallery

    Condom, basswood and acrylic
  12. Profile Gallery

    Gabriel, acrylic
  13. Profile Gallery

    Getting it Out, oil
  14. Profile Gallery

    Government's Watching, charcoal
  15. Profile Gallery

    Hallia, acrylic
  16. Profile Gallery

    Idle Job, acrylic and found object
  17. Profile Gallery

    Idle Moments, pastel and charcoal
  18. Profile Gallery

    Distressed Liberty, charcoal
  19. Profile Gallery

    Economny in Maine, basswood and acrylic
  20. Profile Gallery

    Study of an Ad, charcoal
  21. Profile Gallery

    Untitled (back) ceramic
  22. Profile Gallery

    Untitled (front) ceramic
  23. Profile Gallery

    Carving, basswood and acrylic - auctioned at Annie's Angels silent auction


  1. Sculpture Gallery

    Dating, found objects and acrylic. Life size sculpture, once displayed, hoping to hang the fishing pole from the ceiling space.
  2. Sculpture Gallery

    Ms. Renda with Series of Addictions exhibited with RAW Illuminare in NYC
  3. Sculpture Gallery

    A Step Towards Peace, sculpture, wood, wire and acrylic
  4. Sculpture Gallery

    Series of Addictions, found objects
  5. Sculpture Gallery

    Cellphone Addiction
  6. Sculpture Gallery

    Cellphone Addiction detail
  7. Sculpture Gallery

    Credit Card Addiction
  8. Sculpture Gallery

    Credit Card Addiction detail
  9. Sculpture Gallery

    Les, Ms. Renda and Redbeard Bullrider
  10. Sculpture Gallery

    American Dream, Wood, industrial paint and acrylic paint
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Personal Info
"Emotion flying through sculpture, paint and paper"
I am a: Woman
Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Interested In: Men
Seeking: Networking, Friends
Age: 38
Education: Some College
City: Gonic, NH
Country: United States
Profession: Fine Artist and Graphic Design
My Causes:
I believe in
I believe in the good in all people. I trust and follow my intuition, even when I don't understand why. Life is a journey that I have embraced a long time ago.
Number of Views: 3,363
Professional Info
My Business Name: msrenda
30 Jessica Drive
Gonic, NH 03839
Phone: 603-833-9838
City: Gonic, NH, 03839, United States
My Profession: Art
About my work:
I understand that my reluctance to adhere to one medium is a little unorthodox. In the art industry I have heard that you should take one tangible medium, stick to it, perfect it and then market it to galleries. I believe that I have done this. My ultimate medium is emotion and the human condition. To get my inspiration out requires me not to limit myself to one specific medium as any emotion or social situation can call for different formats. Where one emotion can suffice with oil paint, another emotion requires pottery. This I have learned over time through education and allowing myself to be open to every experience emotional and artistic.
Past Clients and Projects include:
The Whole 9: Operation Rise, Peace Project
Cover Art for Redbeard Bullrider's chap book, "Bouquet of Impatiens"
RAW Showcase, NYC, Illuminare
Inspired Art, LA, America Scores
Precious exhibit, Soo Rye Art Gallery, Rye, NH
Peace Project, The Whole 9
Up from the Underground, Rochester Opera House, Rochester, NH
Studio 139 exhibit, Portsmouth, NH
Donated artwork to Annie's Angels silent auction, Portsmouth, NH
This is my homepage for my website. There is everything about my work on this website, creative inspiration, small portfolio, bio, resume, contact information and even a blog: Click Here


Ms. Renda *******

Fine Artist and Graphic Design  |   Gonic, NH United States


artist/photographer/creative director
Los angeles




Artist / Painter
Los Angeles
3:30am, Feb 28
msrenda birthday today!,
3:30am, Feb 28
msrenda birthday today!,
3:30am, Feb 28
msrenda birthday today!,
3:30am, Feb 28
msrenda birthday today!,
3:30am, Feb 28
msrenda birthday today!,
3:30am, Feb 28
msrenda birthday today!,
6:32pm, Nov 17
msrenda is not looking forward to the snow coming.
6:25pm, Nov 17
msrenda just uploaded new portfolio images, click here to view
6:25pm, Nov 17
msrenda just uploaded new portfolio images, click here to view
6:25pm, Nov 17
msrenda just uploaded new portfolio images, click here to view
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