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Inner Journeys

Envision Peace, 24 x 36 Acrylics on Canvas
  1. Inner Journeys Gallery

    Envision Peace, 24 x 36 Acrylics on Canvas
  2. Inner Journeys Gallery

    Celebrate Life, 24 x 36 Acrylics on Canvas
  3. Inner Journeys Gallery

    Tara, 24 x 30 Acrylics on Canvas
  4. Inner Journeys Gallery

    At the Portal, 40 x 40 Acrylics on Canvas
  5. Inner Journeys Gallery

    Connection, 16 x 20 Acrylics on Canvas
  6. Inner Journeys Gallery

    Pourquoi, 24 x 36 Acrylics on Canvas
  7. Inner Journeys Gallery

    Innocence of the Heart, 24 x 36 Acrylics on Canvas
  8. Inner Journeys Gallery

    Creation, 24 x 30 Acrylics on Canvas
  9. Inner Journeys Gallery

    Lucid Dream, 30 x 40 Acrylics on Canvas
  10. Inner Journeys Gallery

    Inner Fire, 36 x 48 Acrylics on Canvas
  11. Inner Journeys Gallery

    Quantum Leap, 18 x 24 Acrylics on Canvas[add caption]

Personal Photos

  1. Personal Photos Gallery

    Head shot
  2. Personal Photos Gallery

    Lila, oil on canvas by Rickey Hoefnagel
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Personal Info
"To better the world, we begin with ourselves"
I am a: Woman
Seeking: Networking
City: Beaumont, CA
Country: United States
Profession: artist, healer, teacher
My Causes:
I believe in
Movement, positive change is in the air. The world is sick of being stuck. The cries for a whole new approach are getting louder. People have had it. We are now more and more connected electronically, but less and less connected emotionally. The constant bombardment of information, mostly unnecessary, and nonstop busyness is destroying our inner stillness. We are more than extensions of our machines, more than puppets for politicians and corporations to manipulate. We need to find a way back to ourselves. That path home leads through our hearts, where our real strength lies. When we lose our connection with our inner selves, we lose our connection with each other as well. We are no longer whole; we have lost our inner compass, our sense of the deeper meaning and value of life. We need to turn down the volume of our minds until we can hear our unique inner voices, the source of our creativity and connection with the universe. Let's learn to live our lives by surrounding ourselves with whatever we have created out of love. If it is in your heart to paint, for instance, soaring colors will bring you more joy than another techno toy. As more and more people rediscover their creativity and find the courage to express their truth to each other in whatever medium, the planet will begin to come back into balance and the downward spiral will be reversed. True transformation can then take place. The outer is a reflection of the inner. As people discover their inner beauty and become more peaceful and joyful inside, the change in their energy will inevitably be reflected in the energy of the planet.
How I would make this world a better place
This is what I do. As a Fusionartist I live my life creatively and share my heart, my soul and my imagination with others through the fusion of painting. We can all become Fusionartists by simply keeping our hearts open, realizing that creativity is our essence, and letting it shine through whatever we do. I also teach the Fusionart approach to painting, so that others can learn to unlock their creativity and connect with the authentic self within. In addition, I am a Reiki Master, offering healing energy and intuitive counseling in order to help people find the source of peace and joy within themselves.
Who and what I'm looking for
I am looking for like-hearted souls who desire to walk the path of creative love and peace together.
Number of Views: 2,056
Professional Info
My Business Name: Rickeys Art Studio
Phone: (760) 200-5712
City: Beaumont, CA, 92220, United States
My Profession: Art
About my work:
Wandering in the paintings of Rickey Hoefnagel guides us toward the divining light that is the source of all beauty. She creates impressions that reflect the reality of a higher universe, and brings the feelings of time into the thought of eternity. The vivid and harmonious colors flourish with powerful expressive movement. The spiritual symbolism of creation and romantic landscapes in her work is truly inspiring. She has achieved what many artists aesthetically and symbolically strive to achieve.
-Rassouli, Internationally acclaimed visionary artist/author

The paintings of Rickey Hoefnagel reflect an uncommon understanding of color and composition woven into a vision of mystery and delight. The viewer cannot help but be drawn into the rich color and enigmatic imagery.
- Jeannette Debonne, Art Director/professional artist and musician

ARTIST STATEMENT by Rickey Hoefnagel

My love affair with color and canvas began 24 years ago, when a friend invited me to an art class. I was immediately captivated when I began to mix colors. Perhaps I was so strongly drawn to painting because of my Dutch heritage. Over the years I have pursued my love of painting through a number of classes and teachers, including Kanya Burgreff, an accomplished artist from the Serge Bongart school of Russian Impressionism. From Kanya, I learned the freedom to use all colors and apply them with strong, expressive brushwork - to make a statement with each stroke.

Most recently, I have studied with and been strongly influenced by Rassouli, the internationally acclaimed visionary artist and founder of Fusionart International. The basic premise of Fusionart is that the purpose of art is to express the inner universe of the soul. Art comes through the heart not the head. By expressing the reality of the spiritual nature which we all have, art becomes a uniting force for humanity. I have come to understand more deeply that the love we have for anybody or anything is what keeps our inner life alive and provides us with a sense of purpose in life. We are capable of whatever we want to create when our love is deep enough. The secret is to make love to life. That is what brings inner wealth, and nothing is more important than to let out the love within us.

I have come to the conclusion that creativity refuses to punch a time clock. If it did, it would not be creativity. Creative energy is by its very nature a rule breaker. If we think that we can control creativity, we are mistaken. It controls us in order to express itself, if we allow it. Creativity comes from somewhere else. I treat creativity as an honored guest who may arrive at any time of the day or night. I rush to the door when the bell rings. Everything else drops away while I attend to my guest. I give my guest plenty of room to move around, without restriction to certain rooms. In return, my honored guest brings me the most precious gift- freedom from limitation. Creativity is being, not doing or having. Creativity is saying yes to life.
Past Clients and Projects include:


August1-31, 2012 Light, Space and Time Online Gallery
Animal Art
A juried art show
Special Recognition Award for "Lila"

May 9-July 1, 2012. The Artist's Eye
A juried art show,
Showcase Gallery,
3851 Bear Street, South Coast Plaza Village, CA (714) 540-6430

October 1, 2011 - November 15, 2011
Artist of the Month
Painting the Inner Landscape
Banning Center for the Arts
130 N. San Gorgonio
Banning, CA 92220


November 12, 2009 - January 11, 2010. Eisenhower Arts in Healthcare Program
Lucy Curci Cancer Center. Eisenhower Medical Center
39000 Bob Hope Drive
Rancho Mirage, CA

April 19
Hollywood Arts Council Awards
Hollywood Palladium
Hollywood, CA

March 13-15
Quantum Leap 2012
Marriott Hotel Conference Center
2500 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA

January 16
Featured on international spiritual TV talk show, Bridging Heaven and Earth (#236)
See for uploads to and


May 1-30. Gallery C ��" Fusionart Exhibit.
1225 Hermosa Ave
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

March 15 ��" April 13
James Gray Gallery ��" Fusionart Exhibit
Bergamont Station. 2525 Michigan Ave D4
Santa Monica, CA


December 1-31
Highway 111 Gallery
184 Highway 111
La Quinta, CA



Fusionart International (founding member)
Studied under Freydoon Rassouli
Los Angeles, CA

Palm Springs Museum of Art
Studied under Diane McClary
Palm Springs, CA

Bongart School of Russian Impressionism
Studied under Kanya Burgreff
Glendale, CA
My Website: Click Here


Rickey Hoefnagel

artist, healer, teacher  |   Beaumont, CA United States


Naive painter
Altilia di Santa Severina

Culver City

Van Nuys

Freelance Artist, Designer and illustrator
London & New York
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