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Profile Gallery

  1. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Sittin' on my front porch strummin' that ole six string
  2. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Ohana Festival 2009
  3. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Grant McDowell Photography
  4. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Catching a train in Fillmore
  5. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Me with Matchless owner Phil Jamison - NAMM 2010
  6. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Enjoying the warm California sun
  7. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Performing with my band Social Hall Collective
  8. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Machael Michael Bangura - Peace Child
  9. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Wine tasting with new friends

Large Format Digital Prints

The following images are produced on large format digital printers.
  1. Large Format Digital Prints Gallery

    Discovery Science Museum - Mummies Exhibit
  2. Large Format Digital Prints Gallery

    Red Bull Tire Bridge - Laguna Seca
  3. Large Format Digital Prints Gallery

    Red Bull - Robbie Madison Jump
  4. Large Format Digital Prints Gallery

    Red Bull - Chicago
  5. Large Format Digital Prints Gallery

    Red Bull - Chicago
  6. Large Format Digital Prints Gallery

    Miami Media Center - Super Bowl 44
  7. Large Format Digital Prints Gallery

    Westin Hotel - Drew Brees
  8. Large Format Digital Prints Gallery

    Westin Hotel - Peyton Manning


Photography was a passion I picked up from my father. Whether it's a family get together, exploring the city with my son or heading out on a shoot with friends I enjoy taking pictures.
  1. Photographs Gallery

    Call Box
  2. Photographs Gallery

    The End of the Bike Path
  3. Photographs Gallery

  4. Photographs Gallery

    Fun in the Sun
  5. Photographs Gallery

    The Love Bus
  6. Photographs Gallery

    Wheels 1
  7. Photographs Gallery

    Wheels 2
  8. Photographs Gallery

    Sunday Driver
  9. Photographs Gallery

  10. Photographs Gallery

    OC RAG on Culver
  11. Photographs Gallery

  12. Photographs Gallery

    Three Days
  13. Photographs Gallery

    Teaching Peace Through Music

Portfolio Gallery

  1. Portfolio Gallery Gallery

    Photo by Grant McDowell
  2. Portfolio Gallery Gallery

    Welcome Home Available wwwcdbabycomcdrosendo
  3. Portfolio Gallery Gallery

    Photo by Grant McDowell
  4. Portfolio Gallery Gallery

    Photo by Grant McDowell

Through Our Eyes

Through Our Eyes examines the migrant narrative that is deeply embedded in the Los √Āngeles community. Set in an underground pedestrian tunnel, the works of art will carry you from a starting point to the other end creating a sense of spatial distribution of populations and the realities of human migration. For the mind, through our eyes...there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.
  1. Through Our Eyes Gallery

    A vendor sets up her table on Loreto Street
  2. Through Our Eyes Gallery

    Antigua Coffee House
  3. Through Our Eyes Gallery

    Through Our Eyes Tunnel Art Walk
  4. Through Our Eyes Gallery

    Dusk on Loreto Street
  5. Through Our Eyes Gallery

    Something for everyone
  6. Through Our Eyes Gallery

    Ceremonial drummer
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Personal Info
"California Country Boy"
I am a: Man
Relationship Status: Married
Seeking: Networking, Friends
Age: 56
Education: College Degree
City: Los Angeles, CA
Country: United States
Profession: Graphic Artist/Musician
My Causes:
I believe in
God, Love, Light, Laughter and the quest for eternal happiness.
How I would make this world a better place
Keep the peace~
Who and what I'm looking for
True happiness
Number of Views: 29,088
Professional Info
My Business Name: Rosendomusic
City: Los Angeles, CA, 90034, United States
My Profession: Music
About my work:
I'm a full time Graphic Artist and a part time Musician.

I manage a large format digital print department during the day and I write music at night.
My Space: Music and information on shows and new music releases.: Click Here
CD Baby: Online Music Store: Click Here
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Robert Gonzalez

Graphic Artist/Musician  |   Los Angeles, CA United States


Art Consultant



Graphic Artist, Painter, Photographer, DJ/Produce
3:30am, Aug 24
rosendo birthday today!,
5:59pm, Oct 26
rosendo is working in Power Point.
1:32pm, Oct 25
rosendo is cheering for the Los Angeles Dodgers!!
5:16am, Oct 24
rosendo sez good luck and thank you to all those who submitted their vision of peace! Keep hope alive and be the change you want to see!!
5:47pm, Oct 17
rosendo is always on the lookout for holes in a story and the silver lining in every cloud~
6:16pm, Oct 13
rosendo is submitting his vision of peace.
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rosendo just left a comment on, What are you doing to reach your goals? in Question of the Day
3:30am, Aug 24
rosendo birthday today!,
3:30am, Aug 24
rosendo birthday today!,
3:30am, Aug 24
rosendo birthday today!,
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