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Updated 8:58am, Sep 10
sandracooper just submitted this entry to The Peace Project's International Call-for-Artists. Check it out and do your art for Peace.

Acrylic/Mixed Media

One definition that describes Mixed Media so well is: the arrangement of the constituent parts of anything. This single definition sums up how I paint Acrylic/Mixed Media pieces - I am prone to use anything . From graphite particles to the tissue paper that comes with dry cleaning, I am continuously searching for that perfect texture that will help me translate what I feel into what others see.
  1. Acrylic/Mixed Media Gallery

    Dante's Shades
  2. Acrylic/Mixed Media Gallery

    Eve the Evolution
  3. Acrylic/Mixed Media Gallery

  4. Acrylic/Mixed Media Gallery

  5. Acrylic/Mixed Media Gallery

    Kim on the Edge
  6. Acrylic/Mixed Media Gallery

    Love's Aggressor
  7. Acrylic/Mixed Media Gallery

    Out of Control
  8. Acrylic/Mixed Media Gallery

    Space and Time
  9. Acrylic/Mixed Media Gallery

    Taking a Stand
  10. Acrylic/Mixed Media Gallery

    The Embodiment of Love
  11. Acrylic/Mixed Media Gallery

    The Voyeur
  12. Acrylic/Mixed Media Gallery

    Vivacious in Red
  13. Acrylic/Mixed Media Gallery



I begin each Monoprint or Collography print using found objects or pieces of existing art to create an abstract collage on a surface much like thin cardboard. After inking, wiping, and much pondering, I run the boards through a printing press. Using the same board, I can choose to run it through over and over with the image ghosted down with each pass through the press, or I can choose to reapply more ink. I can even change the color of the ink for a different effect. Printing on watercolor paper allows me to paint original variations of a series and be absolutely spontaneous in my creation. The body of work that comes from this form of art is truly unique and satisfies, if only for a moment, my need to create.
  1. Monoprint Gallery

    Abstractions of Life
  2. Monoprint Gallery

  3. Monoprint Gallery

    High Desert
  4. Monoprint Gallery

    Lost City Revealed
  5. Monoprint Gallery

    Reluctant Temptress
  6. Monoprint Gallery

    The Athlete
  7. Monoprint Gallery

    The Sixth Terrace


  1. Charcoal Gallery

    Over Exposed

Heart Felt Series - R. Vega

Heart Felt This gift of Love is given to you as a reminder of what you mean to me. Keep in tucked away or leave it out for all to see. If you ever need to be reminded of how special I think you are, just glance at this heart and remember the feeling you had when I first gave it to you. You are special and you are loved. This is your Heart Felt reminder.
  1. Heart Felt Series - R. Vega Gallery

    Behind Love




Finely ground pigment used with a water soluble binding agent, usually gum Arabic, is characterized by a beautiful transparency. Mainly used on an absorbent watercolor paper, this fast drying form of painting is one of the many reasons I now choose to color my hair. When I say fast drying believe me – it is FAST. Although it has driven me crazy, I can honestly say that through the years I have had more fun with this medium than any other. My children's character, Rachael Vega®, and her many friends, were all created with the wonderful use of Watercolors.
  1. Watercolor Gallery

    Almost Allens
  2. Watercolor Gallery

  3. Watercolor Gallery

    Phi Phi Fantasy
  4. Watercolor Gallery

    Creatures of Phi Phi
  5. Watercolor Gallery

    Downhill Run
  6. Watercolor Gallery

    Fire Storm
  7. Watercolor Gallery

    Ocean View
  8. Watercolor Gallery

    Off the Reef
  9. Watercolor Gallery

  10. Watercolor Gallery

    Sea Creatures
  11. Watercolor Gallery

    Submerged in Color
  12. Watercolor Gallery

    Tropical Draw of Phi Phi
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Personal Info
I am a: Woman
Seeking: Networking
City: Los Angeles, CA
Country: United States
Profession: Artist
Number of Views: 2,361
Professional Info
My Business Name: Sandra Cooper
City: Los Angeles, CA, 90077, United States
My Profession: Painting & Drawing
About my work:
Los Angeles-based artist Sandra Cooper is renowned for her distinctive abstract expressionist style. Her paintings and drawings are unique in their ability to stimulate viewers visually and emotionally with both passion and contradiction. Her striking images encourage viewers to use their own mind’s eye to interpret the movement of paint across canvas. Cooper wants to evoke an emotional response to her art, rather than merely object recognition. “If I wanted to recreate exactly what I saw, I would use my camera. My style celebrates the randomness of abstract expressionism.” “Why paint the entire scene when it’s the negative space that fills my imagination with the creative possibilities of ‘What if’” Cooper says.

Cooper's “Heart Felt Series”, painted under her “nom de art” R. Vega, is reflective of the powerful abstract nudes she is known for. Cooper’s style and technique are reflected in the media she uses. Whether it is watercolors, mono prints, mono types, charcoal line drawings or acrylics and collage, her work is recognized as a consistent signature of talent.


Sandra Cooper

Artist  |   Los Angeles, CA United States


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Los Angeles
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sandracooper birthday today!,
3:30am, Dec 24
sandracooper birthday today!,
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sandracooper birthday today!,
3:30am, Dec 24
sandracooper birthday today!,
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sandracooper birthday today!,
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sandracooper birthday today!,
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sandracooper birthday today!,
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sandracooper birthday today!,
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sandracooper just posted a new Peace Project, Choices: Up and Over or Down and Out
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sandracooper birthday today!,
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