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sheilafein is happy to submit work to the Peace Project

Profile Gallery

  1. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Sheila Fein Fantasy Pop
  2. Profile Gallery Gallery

    The Peace Project/Full Cup
  3. Profile Gallery Gallery

    [From my Hearts Flowers Music Love Show at the Gardens of the World
  4. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Heart Strings-smaller original auctioned for Loving Heart Hospice
  5. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Rose Bud in Bloom-original auctioned for Loving Heart Hospice
  6. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Heart-original paintings auctioned for Music for Heart/Gift of Life
  7. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Hot Feet
  8. Profile Gallery Gallery

    Tap Feet

Dancing Feet and Shoes

I am currently working on my dancing feet images and images of shoes. Dance has the same rhythm as painting to me. We personify the objects we buy and wear which we call our identity. What we do and wear is what we try to be. I am swept up in this subject now because I love how dance takes us places and we are always trying to transform ourselves into something larger than life. i am enjoying the romantic aspects of painting this subject.
  1. Dancing Feet and Shoes Gallery

  2. Dancing Feet and Shoes Gallery

  3. Dancing Feet and Shoes Gallery

    Waltz 2
  4. Dancing Feet and Shoes Gallery

    Tango 2
  5. Dancing Feet and Shoes Gallery

    Ballet Dreams
  6. Dancing Feet and Shoes Gallery

  7. Dancing Feet and Shoes Gallery

    Resting Ballerina
  8. Dancing Feet and Shoes Gallery

  9. Dancing Feet and Shoes Gallery

    Dancing Feet
  10. Dancing Feet and Shoes Gallery

    Red Shoe
  11. Dancing Feet and Shoes Gallery

    Blue Shoe

Figurative Pop

The figure painted from gesture drawings from life. I help run and hire the models for People Sketchers, a life drawing on-going workshop for a community of artist in Thousand Oaks. I have the chance to experiment weekly with the figure. My Figuratie Pop work is an outgrowth of this experimentation.

Love and Peace

I began this series many years ago when I created work for auction for the Loving Heart Hospice Foundation. Since then I have continued this work and will always do so. In 2010, Jenna Elinson, my daughter and I had a show together at the Gardens of the World in Thousand Oaks, CA which was called Hearts, Flowers, Music, and Love. There is nothing more important than love and peace in this world.
  1. Love and Peace Gallery

    Open Heart
  2. Love and Peace Gallery

    Grow Peace
  3. Love and Peace Gallery

    Full Cup-Peace Project
  4. Love and Peace Gallery

    Floatig Player
  5. Love and Peace Gallery

    Heart Strings-Tender Loving Care Hospice
  6. Love and Peace Gallery

    Heart Beat
  7. Love and Peace Gallery

    Rose in Bloom-Tender Loveing Care Hospice
  8. Love and Peace Gallery

    Rose Bud
  9. Love and Peace Gallery

    How We Play
  10. Love and Peace Gallery

    Butterflys and Orchids
  11. Love and Peace Gallery

    Heart-Music for Heart Charity

The In Between

I was creating my Dancing Feet and Shoes when I veered in this direction. Human growth is an interesting thing to me. In a way we all develop slowly like baby elephants. We go through many epiphanies until we consider ourselves adults. The result of thinking this way gave birth to my art work I call The In Between. Not quite a child and not quite an adult. This is the area of popular culture that makes it mark and communicates our time. I hope I never grow up! :) Sheila Fein
  1. The In Between Gallery

  2. The In Between Gallery

    Stand Off
  3. The In Between Gallery

    One Leg Up
  4. The In Between Gallery

  5. The In Between Gallery

    Rolling Out the Tie
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Personal Info
"You never know what tomorrow will bring, makes life exciting"
I am a: Woman
Relationship Status: Married
Seeking: Networking
Education: College Degree
City: Agoura, CA
Country: United States
Profession: Fein artist
My Causes:
I believe in
I believe in hope and dreams, but you have to set goals that are attainable and work on them everyday.
How I would make this world a better place
I am trying to donate my work where I can. I believe images like songs can make
help us to be our best selves.
Who and what I'm looking for
I am looking to share my voice with the world. I believe we are all connected and when you share something positive it lifts everyone.
Number of Views: 3,731
Professional Info
My Business Name: Sheila Fein Fantasy Pop
gallery site
Phone: 818 324 4966
City: Agoura, CA, 91301, United States
My Profession: Art
About my work:


Born in New York City in 1956, residing in Los Angeles, California, Sheila Fein studied art in New York, Italy, and England, earning her Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Sheila�s work is a unique study of the imagination. Dreamlike, whimsical, and fantastical in nature, her portraits, canvases, and works on paper are filled with bright playful images. She favors acrylics, the airbrush with ink or oil paint, pastels,and the colored pencil to achieve her images.
Sheila began her career in 1977 as a commercial artist. She was first hired on a C.E.T.A. grant to service the Schenectady, New York Art Council, the Chamber of Commerce and its Arts Awareness Program. As part of her function, she created and headed a graphics department teaching advertising techniques, graphic design, and drawing, along with producing art for the community�s commercial needs.
In 1980, Sheila moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she worked as a freelance illustrator and designer. Her work appeared in TV commercials, posters, magazines, brochures, business logos, promotional materials, T-shirt designs, and women�s sportswear designs. In addition, Sheila illustrated walking tour maps of major cities all over the United States.
In 1987, since her move to Lost Angeles, Sheila has worked almost exclusively as a fine artist. Her artwork is in the collections of corporations, galleries, and private individuals in the United States and abroad. Among her collectors are Richard Riordan (former Mayor of Los Angels), Bob Marx (The Marx Brothers Estate), and Connie Stevens (actress). Some of her representation has included the Chapelle de la Sorbonne in Paris, France, Jane Anthony Gallery in Newtown, PA, Gallery of Fine Art & Illustration, Philadelphia, PA, the DeVorzon Gallery in Los Angeles, the Gene Sinser Gallery in Hancock Park, CA, the Carmen/Brown Gallery of Laguna Niguel, CA, the Artful Eye Gallery in Agoura Hills, CA, the Craig Cary Gallery in Brentwood, CA, and the Ronald Reagan Library & Museum in Simi Valley, CA where her portrait of President Clinton titled �Transition� was first displayed. The painting now resides in the Clinton Library.
Sheila has donated art to such charitable causes as the Make a Wish Foundation, the Carousel of Hope, the American Cancer Society, the Fowler Wildlife Association, the Loving Heart Hospice, and Music for Heart which she designed their logos, posters, merchandise, gicle image and grapics. Her work has been auctioned to raise money for Stephen S. Wise Temple, Temple Judea, the Heschal Day School, and local schools in Los Angeles and Las Virgenes counties. She art docents for the Las Virgenes School District reaching out to children through the arts and shows locally in and about Los Angeles. Sheila excepts commissions and sells her work independently.
Sheila Fein is the mother of four daughters who are a constant inspiration and resource for her work. Her goal is to create and show images that document facets of our lives and to share these images for people to own and enjoy. Sheila�s philosophy is to work with the critic off your shoulder and to let your imagination be your guide. �In this world full of uncertainty, if I can brighten someone�s day, fulfill their need for whimsy and fantasy, I have done my job.�
Past Clients and Projects include:
American Airlines
New York Education Association
Philadelphia Tourist Bureau
Music for Heart and Rotary International
*For list of clients please contact the artist
Sheila Fein Fantasy Pop Website: Click Here


Sheila Fein

Fein artist  |   Agoura, CA United States



Saint Charles

New York

Culver City

Freelance Artist, Designer and illustrator
London & New York
3:30am, Jan 16
sheilafein birthday today!,
3:30am, Jan 16
sheilafein birthday today!,
3:30am, Jan 16
sheilafein birthday today!,
3:30am, Jan 16
sheilafein birthday today!,
11:11am, Jul 25
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10:58am, Jul 25
sheilafein is happy to submit work to the Peace Project
3:57pm, Jul 24
sheilafein just posted a new Peace Project, Peace Starts with Self Discovery
3:30am, Jan 16
sheilafein birthday today!,
12:34pm, Oct 08
sheilafein is excited about the Peace Project and being in the show with Helane Freeman fellow People Sketcher, and my childhood friend from NY Caryn Colville. Post to to share your work! Best Wishes, Sheila Fein
1:11pm, Jun 26
sheilafein just uploaded new portfolio images, click here to view
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