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Original Oil Paintings Finished in 2010
  1. 2010 Gallery

    Girl with the X Ray Eyes, Oil on Canvas 16x20 [Not for Sale]
  2. 2010 Gallery

    Subconsciousness: [Isis birth to Horus]: Spray Paint/Oil on Canvas 18 x 24 *SOLD*
  3. 2010 Gallery

    Shadow ov Death: Linoleum Block 8 x 10 *SOLD*
  4. 2010 Gallery

    Dancing Woman: Transition of Feelings: Enjoyment to Suffering 20x30 [for sale]
  5. 2010 Gallery

    Going Back To Nature: Acrylic/Mixed Media 12 x 16 [for sale]
  6. 2010 Gallery

    Mask for The God ov Chaos: Mixed Media, 13 x 15 [for sale]
  7. 2010 Gallery

    Portrait of Ruth Cabral: Gouache on Found Object 18x 24 *Not For Sale*
  8. 2010 Gallery

    Overparenting: Oil On Canvas, 30 x 40 [for sale]
  9. 2010 Gallery

    Princess ov Wands: Oil on Canvas 16 x 20 *SOLD*
  10. 2010 Gallery

    Human Certainty 16x20 Oil on canvas paper [for sale]
  11. 2010 Gallery

    Jones Gallery Long Beach CA Good Warning 2012 4ftx4ft


  1. Artwork Gallery

    Self Portrait
  2. Artwork Gallery

    Princess ov Wands
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Personal Info
"Curator/Oil Painter"
I am a: Man
Interested In: Women
Seeking: Networking, Friends, Dating, Long-term Relationship
Age: 33
Education: College Degree
City: Hawthorne, CA
Country: United States
Profession: Curator / Visual Artist
My Causes:
I believe in
I believe in always being yourself, having faith in yourself, expressing yourself
How I would make this world a better place
the world doesn't want to be a better place
Who and what I'm looking for
something/someone who can give me that feeling of goosebumps/making my hair raise
Number of Views: 1,414
Professional Info
My Business Name: Wesley Pacleb
City: Hawthorne, CA, 90250, United States
My Profession: Art
About my work:
Being an oil painter of the early 21st century, my experiences and conundrums have sculpt my persona.
I reflect upon my artwork as an encapsulation of my sensitivity and feelings as a person. My signature style is automatically recognized with my use of expressive line and awkward angles. The theme in my artwork is "post-apocalyptic" by examining the sincere and contrary in human existence through curiosity in situationism, expressionism and symbolism.
I use art to measure my own life because I know I am ever-changing. Nothing can replicate the �self� or steal the integrity of an artist of their epoch.
The reason I want to be an artist is because I believe that is why I have been put in this world. To me, art means to honestly express yourself. It is displaying your true self/soul for everyone to see. My whole life I have geared my way towards being an artist. I want to influence "true will" to my surroundings because there is nothing more profound than to be happy with what you do. I want to prove that anybody who has experienced struggle can become what they want. I am very passionate about the things that I do and strive for accomplishment. As an artist I have a voice without even talking.
Past Clients and Projects include:
Thursday: July 8th, 2010 - Live Painting at the Alexandria in "The Palm Court" 501 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Sunday: July 11th, 2010 - Live Painting at the Airliner 2419 North Broadway LOS ANGELES, CA 90031

Curator: Art Attecc: Phantom Galleries, 216 N. Promenade Long Beach CA Feb-July 2011

Resident Curator: Pastee Co., 361 W. 7th St. San Pedro, CA Jan2010-April2011
Description (for example: My Website): Click Here
pictures of previous exhibitions/art i have organized in the past along with pictures/videos I find interesting: Click Here


Wesley Pacleb

Curator / Visual Artist  |   Hawthorne, CA United States


Culver City

los angeles

Surface Pattern Designer
Los Angeles

artist/photographer/creative director
Los angeles
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wesleypacleb birthday today!,
3:30am, Mar 15
wesleypacleb birthday today!,
3:30am, Mar 15
wesleypacleb birthday today!,
3:30am, Mar 15
wesleypacleb birthday today!,
3:30am, Mar 15
wesleypacleb birthday today!,
3:30am, Mar 15
wesleypacleb birthday today!,
3:30am, Mar 15
wesleypacleb birthday today!,
4:46pm, Jan 29
wesleypacleb is add me on fb
3:30am, Mar 15
wesleypacleb birthday today!,
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