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Dear Stranger
Submitted by: bridgetolove | 2:57pm, Aug 28
New York NY United States

My Vision of Peace
I conceived of this photo art piece, a staged love riot, after I wrote a song called "Dear Stranger" which was inspired by an experience I had with a stranger in my hometown of New York City. Since that experience I have made it one of my projects in life to meet and write about strangers I meet around the world. They share their stories of heartbreak, overcoming their past pain and their wish for the world. The more people I meet, the more I realize how similar we all are in our common struggles and desire for peace and love. It has become a movement and a way of living that I wish our world community could learn from, by seeing all strangers as our friends and family, with love in our hearts before judgements, assumptions and prejudices. I believe if we all lived in each others shoes more often it would be a better world.

My friends, my brooklyn street, a group of an amazing student collective at Pratt Institute who were in charge of camera work, art and graphics (who I would like to have credited for this project as well). If I am chosen, I would like to have audio present with the image, a small mp3 player that could play the chorus of the song so I could sing to each stranger that passes by. (the image I've submitted is not the final correct size, will get the final image to you if needed)

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awaken2sun     4:39pm, Aug 29


I love this image and want to do something on World Peace Day like this to use in our Operation Rise viral video. I sent you an email about it -- get in touch after you've had a chance to take a look at it.


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