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"My Son"
Submitted by: sloanemerrick55 | 11:38am, Sep 12
tulsa OK United States

My Vision of Peace
Acceptance and approval are inherent, physiological as well as emotional needs of every human being on this planet. I truly believe, so much brokenness in our world comes from people striving to be accepted and loved. We crave and strive for these needs to be met in really unhealthy ways. I believe everything from greed, corruption, abuse, perversion to deception stem from either an individual's wounds of rejection/not being accepted or striving to be accepted. Not just acceptance for what we do, but simply for who we are. If we all were okay with ourselves just as we are, I truly believe we would project much more love into this world. This piece for me is about accepting not only our Father's love, but His approval. Once you can realize that, you have peace in the midst of any kind of storm or darkness in this world. When I accept His approval, I can accept myself and love myself, which then in turn, means I can love others. If I can't ever accept myself, how would I be able to accept others for who they are? That is why the best things in life are free. Love is free, acceptance is free, approval is free...they should not be things we have to deserve, justify or earn. Simply put, we are all children of God and are accepted simply for the fact that we have breath in our lungs are alive on planet Earth.

Latex paint and wood stain on canvas.

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