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Head in the Clouds II
Submitted by: samberani | 12:58pm, Sep 12
Chicago IL United States

My Vision of Peace
We have access to the sky anytime, but we are usually wrapped up in our own thoughts or unquestioned routines. Head in the Clouds portrays a realm where the daily stresses and worries have been superseded by a peaceful state. Flying in an airplane offers a sense of freedom. It provides a new perspective on the world. The people and places that constitute our lives are far away. Houses, cars and roads look tiny. Individual people are invisible and the problems or ideas they embody are even smaller. The moment when the airplane rises from the Earth, we transcend all of the weighty issues that bind our lives to the Earth. Because of the human scale of the photographs skyscape becomes a body. Conversely, the body becomes a landscape because the recognizable body feature, the nose, is a small part of these global images. The juxtaposition of a view of the body from the ground and a view of the sky from the sky suggests that we can transcend our difficulties even while on Earth. These works attempt to convey a sense of peacefulness and perspective. Head in the Clouds offers an open, global vantage point.

To create the Head in the Clouds I flew in a small airplane with the sole purpose of taking photographs of the sky. We flew at sunrise and sunset. There was no earthly destination for these flights. The flight began and ended in the same location. The intention was simply to be in the sky. Similar to walking meditation, this flying experience was about being aware of the present moment, not about transporting our bodies from one place to another. The images are aerial views of the sky that are intended to be portraits of those places in the sky. I paired the aerial photos with photographs of my nose from a reclined position.

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ckay     11:39am, Sep 14


I really love the concept. This took some thought and it comes across beautifully.


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