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Love in All Forms
Submitted by: brycepagter | 12:37pm, Jul 27
Santa Ana CA United States

My Vision of Peace
Staring out on the boardwalk in Santa Cruz, California, I found myself entranced by the movements of these majestic marine beings. I was lucky enough to have the boardwalk to myself, in the silence of the early hours of the morning. It gave me the chance to fall into amazement quickly with every stroke of a fin and bounce through the lapping of the ocean's dancing. At one point, two of these seals were, what seemed to me, fighting over the mate after one charged violently at the other in what seemed to be a purposeful attack. Blood was shed as the deep red hues protruded to the surface of the water. As one seal diminished into the depths, the other swam slowly to the victim. My vision of, "making peace," can be seen through the actions of these animals in the way that the protector overcame the attack and helped the other. In the end, I took this photograph; they swam in circular patterns for a few minutes and then their faces became closer and closer. This final photograph represented love in all forms for any reason. To me, it looks as if they are two lovers kissing in the ocean, giving me hope for life and for peace through loving one another.

I was able to take this photograph using a Canon 7D SLR camera at a quick shutter speed and low ISO using a telephoto lens to get as close as possible to the subject without risking myself falling over the boardwalk's railings. Going to the area at around 5 in the morning gave me the chance to have the whole entire area to myself and the sunrise allowed me to use all of the natural light available from the bouncing of the water and sun's rays.

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joann     9:02am, Aug 01



ckay     2:16pm, Jul 28


What a beautiful experience. The movement is wonderfully caught here.

awaken2sun     12:56pm, Jul 27


Truly beautiful. Through my daughter and the people of Sierra Leone, I have learned about all of our incredible capacity for forgiveness -- an essential element to peace, and something demonstrated here by animals we consider to have a fraction of our intelligence. It truly makes one think.


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