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Cycles of Peace
Submitted by: margielabadie | 10:04am, Aug 17
Red Springs NC United States

My Vision of Peace
The arresting eye of this bright red and gold bird is meant to focus the viewer's attention and draw them into an image about what makes peace. Mississippi Fred McDowell said it best when he sang the song, “You Gotta Move.”

"You got to move
You got to move
You got to move, child
You got to move
But when the Lord gets ready
You got to move.”

Making peace is a moving, ever changing process. To make peace in our world, in our communities, and in our homes, we must continue to move forward, each in our own way. This art work, entitled “Cycles of Peace,” is filled with cyclical movement ~ of life and death, of the moon and the sun, of the signs and stars of the Zodiac, and we are part of those cycles. Peace is a wheel that rolls on, and we must become the spokes in that wheel if we are to be the makers of peace.

This work is a digital collage using my own photographs along with scans of objects I collect. Dozens of manipulated images are woven together seamlessly to become one visual that is greater than the sum of its parts.

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rosendo     11:09pm, Aug 17


One of the most beautiful sounds in the world is the rooster crowing at dawn~ I have many fond memories waking up at my grandmother's home in Cucamonga to the sound of this proud bird. Very nice composition~


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