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Damaged Present...Peaceful Future?
Submitted by: lschau | 4:24pm, Aug 20
Staten Island NY United States

My Vision of Peace
This piece was created to question and challenge how we as a world go about achieving peace. We strive for diplomacy, but in the end we shed blood, tears and lives to be heard. Have we progressed at all as a people? What have we learned from our dark history?

We can strive for peace but as our world becomes a dark place of violence, power and greed, it makes it harder and harder for us to grow and evolve where we can experience the human potential and truly love one another.

There is no doubt that in life's darkest hours we are taught the most significant of life's message however, my hope is that this piece, in all its ironic bright and emotion provoking color, allows all who view it to stop, think and reflect.

My hope is that viewers connect with the elements of peace, love, liberty and justice within the painting, and change their mindset on their perception of the world and how we resolve our differences.

I first sketched this piece, projected it onto a large format canvas, and painted it on a 5ftx4ft canvas in an acrylic medium. Once the medium was dry, I outlined the entire piece with a bold black paint marker to ensure that every color popped.

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theredhead     9:56am, Aug 21


Welcome back, Laurence! Thank you for this great piece!!!

davebehrens     4:34am, Aug 21


Vibrant colours! This is very cool :)

awaken2sun     9:39pm, Aug 20


Love this piece Laurence. Great to see you back here again!


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