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Peaceful Awakening
Submitted by: serendipitypem | 4:50pm, Jul 29
Santa Monica CA United States

My Vision of Peace
During the last three years of my life, I have gone through major transformation. I went from losing everything in 2011 and beginning 2012 homeless with no money, no job and alone to creating the life of my dreams. In that time I discovered my true authentic self and my life purpose. I AM AN ARTIST and proud of it. I am now an award winning photographer and transformational author and my purpose is to support others in finding their true passions, and living life to its fullest potential.

I took this photograph in the midst of my journey from my beautiful home in Sausalito, California. Having traveled internationally since age 5, I found that Sausalito was the one place I truly felt at peace. The sky in this photograph represents that feeling. The sun to me represents love and it was here in Sausalito where I first found unconditional love and most recently where I learned to give it to another. The branches in the photo represent all the people, experiences and lessons learned that provided me with a clear understanding of what my journey is all about. I now view each day as a blessing and wherever life takes me, I know I am never alone.

This is an original photograph taken with a Kodak EasyShare ZD710

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matej     7:41pm, Aug 20


Art can be amazing, but the image captured and proved that nature is above all, art can only attempt to capture that.

gen356     5:23pm, Aug 07


Magical! Love!

blanco1961     4:43pm, Aug 07


Thank you for creating and sharing this piece, representative in my mind of having inner peace. Thank you for sharing your story of transformation. It really, really, REALLY, made a difference to me!

ckay     12:58pm, Jul 31


I like the contrast between light and dark. The gold overtones are warm and peaceful.

judith     10:34am, Jul 30


Love the golden orb! very powerful photograph.


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