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Peace and Balance Within
Submitted by: jennybee | 6:28pm, Aug 15
Chimayo NM United States

My Vision of Peace
This piece is about creating peace and healing in yourself to bring peace to the world.

This person's chakras are in line, her heart is open, she is rooted in the earth and in contact with her spirit animals. She knows her body is a temple and she treats it as such. In her throat chakra sits the earth, for she speaks for the earth and all of it's people, creatures, and plants. She has reconciled with and brought balance to her shadow side (represented in her face).

Her "self" chakra is a bright sunflower that she proudly displays. Her third eye is open, she receives messages from the skies at night. She understands the circular nature of time and is in line with lunar and astronomical cycles. She holds in her hands her evolving DNA, that she shares with the collective consciousness.

As she sits in meditation, the river of life is coming from or perhaps into her hands. Alongside the river grows a garden and corn. The sky is dark, but that is okay, because she emits her own strong light that she channels from the love of the universe.

She contemplates Being. She is aware of many of the collapsing aspects of society and all of it's empty promises (represented by the wrecked building). She makes peace within herself with this by living by her own spiritual code which respects and brings light and love to the earth, her body, everyone and everything that she comes in contact with. In bringing this peace to herself, she brings peace to her world.

This piece was created in Corel Painter. I took all photographs used, except those of space, which were from the NASA website. The animals were photographed by me in the Berlin Zoo. After I had collaged the images, i layered effects and drew on top of them to create the light around the person, and some of the shadows.

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matej     2:01am, Aug 17


I like the intricacy in it.


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