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Converging Boundaries
Submitted by: cguillotryan | 8:42pm, Aug 26
Columbus OH United States

My Vision of Peace
I believe that much of human misery is caused by the perception that we are different and disconnected from others, When I focus on how we intersect, not how we divide, how we are connected, not apart, I find commonality, understanding, and convergence. When I feel our true underlying connection, beneath appearances of separation and distinction, I find love and peace. There is no "Us" and "Them," we are all a part of the human community.

"Converging Boundaries" explores the fluctuating dance between perceptions of boundaries and the human striving for convergence. It's not our boundaries that are important, but our intersection and connection.

"Converging Boundaries" is a photograph of an original chalk work on pavement, done in one day, six feet by six feet square. I worked alongside 39 other artists, our goal was to express our individual view of "community."

The human figures were created by outlining on paper four people (two males and two females, two adults and two children), to symbolize the human family. I then cut out the human figures and overlapped them with hula hoops (symbolizing joy and wholeness) and clothing hangers (to represent material needs and wants). I used colored chalk in several layers, first rubbing in the chalk, then using the texture of the pavement to add multiple colors in layers.

It was exciting to create a work in public, that was temporary, and experience people interact with it. It gives me much joy to donate this image, intended to be temporary, to be a part of The Peace Project 2013.

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judith     11:18pm, Aug 26


This is amazing....beautiful interpretation of the theme of community. very vibrant!

theredhead     9:35pm, Aug 26


Christine! Love the new direction -- thank you for joining us all four years!


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