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Torrey Pines Bush Poppy
Submitted by: susanstone | 1:20pm, Aug 27
San Diego CA United States

My Vision of Peace
Every year I submit my work to enter the Torrey Pines Plein Air Competition. Its a win - win... I get a pass to paint at the reserve and all the proceeds go to benefit the children's programs that teach so many youngsters the wonder of the this magnificent place! It has become tradition to head out with my family, a backpack and my easel to find a spot to work from. The kids bring their sketchbooks too. Its incredible to me how quiet we all are on the trails as we paint and draw and how much we learn with each visit. Its more than understanding but that is what's at the core... understanding nature, each other ... supporting each other and what matters to each of us... being there for each other and finding ways to make change through art and the art of creating... Its so peaceful and of course we all love each other so much and we have an understanding of what is important to each of us individually ... being there for each other has taken us all on some incredible journeys!

Starting with a panel repurposed from an old wood pile, scrap for support fastened by hammering some really cool nails! I sketched my subject with charcoal, underpainted with acrylic and top layers with oil. This piece was painted outside but not really in the spirit of plein air ... more in the spirit of how far could I take it ... using the piece as an excuse to spend some long afternoons outside on the trails with the family!

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