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The U.S. Border: A monument that creates and represents pain, separation and death
Submitted by: aryer1er | 3:45pm, Aug 27
Northridge International

My Vision of Peace
The U.S. Border: A monument that creates and represents pain, separation and death depicts on how many families are broken appart due to a broken immigration system. There are 11 million immigrants currently living in the united states and about 1.7 million immigrant parents and children who have been deported under President Obama, in which Pres. Obama now holds the highest number of deportations of any other U.S. President in history. These deportations continue to cause pain in so many immigrant families as children and parents are separated. Many U.S. born children are left behind and put into the foster care system or put into adoption with families they dont know. This form of separation has cause traumatic experiences for kids of young adults whose parents are deported and they are left behind. Also, the continuation of militarizing the US/Mexico border with drones and more personnel will only continue to cause more separation, pain and death, as more immigrants leave their home country in search of economic achievement, freedom and a better life as they exile prosecution and/or maybe death.

Photography, sketching, scanning and digital illustration

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KarinLisaAtkinson     10:55pm, Aug 20


Thank you, even the Canadian border and the ocean as a border need healing and free motion. Borders are human conceived yet diminish humanity.

ckay     9:10pm, Sep 04


Thank you for sharing a difficult, yet needed work.

rosendo     10:08pm, Aug 27


Powerful imagery. Boundaries set by man are one of the oldest forms of control in which one can be expected to either respect them or ignore them. Until we realize the potential that lies on both sides of our shared borders we will continue to discriminate, pass judgment and foment discontent. We need to foster the development of our children. We need to learn from our past in order to move ahead. Together we can grow and learn form one another. Be mindful that to coexist peacefully we must first understand and trust in one another.


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