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Submitted by: susanstone | 3:56pm, Aug 27
San Diego CA United States

My Vision of Peace
When I put together my entries I always ask the kids for help and we have so much fun. I put together three. My husband's car completely croaked on Sunday, so the budget is even tighter than ever! We narrowed it down to two. We decided on the first two because they are paintings and have a lot of meaning for all of us so I think the kids felt very connected to the work, this is a fun photograph. Phil let me know that if he sold something he listed on Craigslist I could go ahead and enter one more! Viola... I cant believe it in just the last hour... clearly there is some serious Peace Love and Understanding at work here!... Happy

We were on the beach year and YEARS ago when my now 26 year old came up to me and said "hear Mommy!" I placed it inside another shell that my youngest daughter found, some heart shaped stones and rocks that the other kids found so it is truly a family effort ... I snapped the shot with my iphone of all things and did some adjusting to the color and luminosity in Photoshop CS5

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rosendo     5:46am, Sep 05


Just recently I had the pleasure of spending three days along the coastline of Newport Beach. Taking long walks and beach combing are favorite pastimes. Now combine them with the sound of crashing waves and the panoramic backdrop of a setting sun and a California culture is reborn. As I walked along the shore I began to notice the combination of sea grass, sea weed, small stones and sea shells placed by the ebb and flow of the Pacific. Walking across the ever changing canvas "Happy" represents the true essence of a lifestyle that beats louder than the pulse of the city~


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