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Submitted by: jonlanbroa | 3:35am, Aug 06
Basque Country International

My Vision of Peace
Peace starts trying to put yourself in his place. After facing forward not only hearing what the other person has to say, but also to try to understand what the other person is. Talking borders are broken and a dialogue is established between equals. Then, Change is possible.

Peace begins with "me" before being "we".

Furthermore, peace cannot prevail in the world while there is injustice in the different continents. We must stop turning a blind eye.

Peace takes its origin from daily and simple acts. Attitudes that promote solidarity, tolerance and mutual respect are "The Peace Project" values. For 5 years, Lisa and her team are gathering international and local artists for working together. Art for a good cause. PEACE STARTS HERE.

Photography taken in the Basque Country by Jon Lanbroa

Bermeo (Bizkaia), Basque Country - Europe

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jonlanbroa     8:10am, Sep 09


bearnt, Gwyn and Simon, thanks a lot

jonlanbroa     9:52am, Sep 05


MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the World every day is a step to the Peace and PEACE IS EVERY STEP.

jonlanbroa     8:06am, Sep 05


"IDEAS dangerous ideas" thank you for your most interesting contribution.

Technically, it is not a shade. Metal has left a mark on the floor. This mark holds different meanings to different people beyond design. It involves making a different in the World every day.

Lights and shadows and War and PEACE begin in the minds of men.
Instead of looking at the differences, we should focus on what we still have in common.

Both eyes are not blind. The eye sockets are empty that must be filled with dialogue and hope. Both are looking ahead. PEACE: that is the goal.

There are more factors uniting us than separating us. We therefore need to look facts and people in the face.

jonlanbroa     8:01am, Sep 05


Michele thanks for your nice comment. Mark, Snejana, Laara, Caryn, Shawn, Ed, Victoria, Joel and Liz, thanks a lot.

dangerousideas     5:31pm, Sep 04


I see two "blind eyes". Is one the shadow of the other or are they both keyholes to the same lock? It is a conundrum for the ages, but your written vision is a s clear as your image is enigmatic

shelleyme     6:01pm, Aug 09


Beautifully said...

jonlanbroa     3:14pm, Aug 06


Lisa and Heidi, thanks a lot for support the Art and a HUGE THANKS FOR YOUR SUPER SENSITIVE SOULS

awaken2sun     8:28am, Aug 06


Love this Jon. Thank you.


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