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'Wheel of Peace'
Submitted by: kathyoleary | 6:20am, Aug 10
Leitrim Ireland

My Vision of Peace
This image was orginally used for the project
'Lost Paintings'
'The reason behind doing a series like this is nothing more than making original art and having the art being collected by people passing by the art. All you have to do is peel it off which is done purposely easy without making any damage to neither any nor the artwork. I believe that Art is for everyone'. Farzad Kohan
Farzad is an Iranian artist based in California.
He posted one of his paintings to me and I then decided to use it on my wheelchair.

For the past four years as Project Director, I've been working on a Cross Border Peace Project in Ireland with a partnership for women with and without disabilities. So many of the women involved have been affected by 'The Troubles'
The project is called 'Liminality; Different Views/Viewing difference.
These wheels has helped me enormously to complete the work I've done.
It seems appropriate now to use this image for this 'Peace Project' as even though it was a car accident that lead to me being a wheelchair user there are so many people with disabilities due to war and the destruction it creates.
'Let the wheel keep spinning for World Peace'
by Kathy O' Leary

'Lost Paintings' on paper by Farzad Kohan
Black and white photograph by Kathy O' Leary

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kathyoleary     10:05am, Aug 11


Thank you both for such great comments, it means a lot knowing that our project can reach out to more than just people in Ireland.
Liminality; Different Views/Viewing Difference is a touring show now going into it's 6th show in September and we just got a show in London confirmed for it in November.
Kind regards.

rosendo     9:17pm, Aug 10


Peace come in all shapes and sizes...these two fit together perfectly~

awaken2sun     7:42am, Aug 10


Kathy...what a wonderful story and I love "Let the wheel keep spinning for World Peace". At some point soon, we'll be creating a place here for people to share stories like this and I'll be in touch because I'm definitely interested in learning more about the work you've been doing.


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