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All that Glitters Isn't Gold
Submitted by: christineallan | 4:14pm, Sep 28
Chemainus BC Canada

My Vision of Peace
Butterflies in general are considered emblematic as a symbol of transformation. The crystals in my piece symbolize enlightenment and transcendence. I use only Swarovski Crystals in my work to show support for the Swarovski Foundation, which supports projects and organizations around the world that promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment. The title of my piece "All that Glitters isn't Gold" is in reference to how the drive for power and money are overshadowing the need to be safe, secure, and respectful of all life on the planet. The perpetual drive for money and power overshadowing all else. We are in a time when our views and our way of life are in need of a major transformation if we are to survive. Butterflies represent that need for transformation. Blue butterflies in particular are often thought to symbolize joy, happiness, or a change in luck. Blue butterflies are sometimes viewed as a wish giver and my wish is for us to unite for Peace in the world.

Biography: Christine's life started in Manitoba in 1957. Here, she attended one-room school houses where she won an award for her finger painting. After moving to BC in the late 60's she attended schools where art & philosophical thinking were encouraged. Her years at Simon Fraser University and Thompson Rivers University gave her an appreciation of First Nations Art and Art History. Christine and her family lived for a time on a remote island where she was taught First Nations art by her daughters' teacher at school. She then went on the study fine art at Emily Carr University where she developed her current painting practice, which is influenced in part by the work of artists such as Cy Twombly, Marc Rothko, and Juan Miro. Her work is inspired by the environment and studies. It is related to emotion, colour, and light. Her work has been exhibited internationally and she has won a number of awards, with many of her pieces in private collections.

This piece is mixed media using gesso, photo paper, acrylics, other water media and iridescent paint, and crystal on a cradled 20" x 16" wood panel

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