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The Rainbow House Part 1.
Submitted by: artofpeople04 | 6:53am, Oct 03
Spring Hill KS United States

My Vision of Peace
I am submitting two pieces of art. The Rainbow House part 1 and part 2. They will sit side by side as one piece. They belong together so you can see the messages in wide angle view.

I don't know if anyone is familiar with the an anti-LGBT hate group, Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) a Baptist church which is known for allegations of hate speech, especially against LGBTQ people (homophobia), Catholics (anti-Catholicism), Orthodox Christians (anti-Orthodoxy), Muslims (Islamophobia), Jews (antisemitism), American soldiers and politicians.The church is monitored as such by the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center. I live about an hour and a half from here.

WBC sits across the street from the Rainbow House or also known as the The Equality House. The house was purchased by Aaron Jackson, the founder of nonprofit organization Planting Peace, after he saw a "for sale" sign on a nearby house when looking at the community on Google Earth. Through Planting Peace, Jackson purchased the house for $81,000. In March 2013, a military veteran agreed to paint the house the colors of the rainbow flag in tribute to the gay pride flag, and it was dubbed the Equality House. It was reported that a representative of Westboro said she loved the paint job because it kept the eyes of the earth on the church's message. The house became a place for volunteers of Planting Peace to live. In June 2013, a five-year-old girl set up a lemonade stand selling "Pink Lemonade for Peace" outside the Equality House in order to oppose the church's message of hate by raising money for love and peace. Westboro members attempted to stop the event by calling the police and yelling profanities. Her $1 "suggested donation" raised $400 on site as well as an additional $1000 through an online campaign through the website CrowdRise. The money raised went to Planting Peace. The campaign raised $30,000 by September 2014.

Planting Peace President Arron Jackson, who lives in the House, was in his bedroom in the early hours of Sunday morning in October of last year when he heard noises outside. He called the police, who found anti-gay graffiti written on the side of the house, pride flags on the house were torn down, and the house was shot at with seven bullet holes found. Jackson said in a statement: "The blatant acts of hate we experience at the Equality House mirror the acts of hate and discrimination our LGBTQ family experiences every day.
"Planting Peace has seen an increase in hate mail, death threats and physical acts of vandalism and violence over the past three months mainly since the election of our president. According to the FBI, the LGBTQ community is more likely to experience a hate crime than any other minority group."

When I heard what had happened I knew I had to go see for myself what had been done. When I got there, there were cars lining the streets with people from every religion, of every color. It didn't matter if you were straight or gay, there was love everywhere. People were on the front lawn throwing up peace signs. Cars were driving by honking. It was amazing how everyone came together in love. Armed with sharpies and paint, people began to write messages of love. I met people from different states and counties. The wall transformed! My vision of unite for peace is just that: Where there is hate, there will be 100 times the love.


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