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Love US or Leave LA
Submitted by: rosendo | 6:09pm, Oct 13
Los Angeles CA United States

My Vision of Peace
Los Angeles. Home of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Home to homeless people. Home to Hollywood. Home to Skid Row. Home to the LA Riots. Home to love. Home to the Los Angeles Rams. Home to the San Diego Chargers. Home to the rich. Home to the poor. Home of the land of milk and honey. Home of the brave. Home to all those who enter by land, sea or air. Home to Republicans. Home to Democrats. Home to the Trojans. Home to the Bruins. Home to the young. Home to the old. You don't have to like us. You don't have to stand, kneel, pray or sing. But if you want to stay; learn to co-exist or do like the sign says.


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rosendo     5:43pm, Oct 17


Sonic Pop. Thank you for your reply. Let's have an open dialogue. I think you missed my main objective but that's ok. Signs are misread all the time and meanings can sometimes be misconstrued.

Those who are afraid of change will never welcome change and some how misread simple taking a knee during the singing of our national anthem or entering an all gender restroom. We are all people that criss cross into different cultures every waking day. I co-exist with the homeless and homeowners for they live within my neighborhood. Sleeping, eating, collecting recyclable while walking their dogs and yes even defecation and urinating in private and out in the open. I do not shun but do my best to understand their plight and help out whenever I can. I attend neighborhood meetings to educate myself on how I can make things better for all those involved. Through public planning and involvement I have met several neighbors who genuinely care not just about their neighborhood but the surrounding cities and how we can impact all people form all walks of life.

I'm a huge sport fan so I attend local sporting events with fans from all over the country. We tailgate, we eat drink and talk of our experiences, of rivalries and our favorite moments and players. We wear different colors but leave all petty feelings about which team is best and let the players decide the outcome on the field of play. These sporting events give us a sense of community and pride .It's also a way of forgetting about life for many who work, live and die in cities all over the world. But sometimes these sporting events are and will continue to interrupted by harsh realities and the world we all live in. For we all have a different take on how things should be. Through conversations such as this, we all walk away with a better understanding of how we can make this world a better place. Politics aside.

I have siblings who are both Republicans and Democrats. We rarely speak of party complexities that convolute the airways and fill our lives with constant propaganda from alternative news shows to the mainstream .When these conversation do arise, we approach each discussion with an open mind and leave with a better understanding of one another and how we come to different conclusions based on our experiences and the spheres of influence that are in constant flux.

I'm not here to change your mind about me or pass judgment on you. See me as you see fit. Tag me if it helps you sleep at night. I was born and raised in beautiful Southern California. Come and visit. Stay as long as you like. Just remember; when you Leave LA, leave it in better shape than when you first arrived. That's all I'm trying to do.

Lastly, I'm a huge John Lennon fan! (Although Paul is my favorite) I want to leave you with the words of Robert Plant...

"There's a sign on the wall
But she wants to be sure
'Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings"

Peace and Light

sonicpop     2:27pm, Oct 17


Co-exist? What you preach is separatism. Leave? Seriously. Is that what you mean when you isolate LA from the rest of the world and create a separate place? Where in that dynamic is the forum for love or peace or hope? What is that? A threat and ultimatum created by you? Co-existence does not mean one place that I happen to call 'home.' This planet is home for multi-trillions of people that are your peers. Perhaps before you loft yourself and LA too high you might want to check the definition of what co-exist means. Who gives a good damn about sports teams no matter where they come from? Nothing defines us but the actions we take. I have an idea. You leave. There is too much hatred based on exclusionary thinking. Writing 'co-exist' while all the while delineating a section of the us smacks of localized jingoism. And of course just jingoism. Maybe you meant well maybe good intentions. But the people (if there ever is to be peace) need to be a part of not apart from. To me, and this is my opinion when you write co-exist it seems like an afterthought. Good luck with your insular views. John Lennon wrote come together and imagine. Not divide and conquer. Do you also believe the wall that is put forward to be built is right? Would you rather be on the other side banished because you don't adhere to the same ideologies as another? Think Think Think. What affects you affects all. Be the change you wish to see in this world. Separatism causes wars and I personally can do without there ever being another war. Hopefully this opens up some kind of dialogue because that opens up the doors to peace.

awaken2sun     7:02pm, Oct 13


Co-exist. Yes. Thank you my friend.



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